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University of Melbourne

Our distinctive Melbourne experience helps graduates become well-rounded, thoughtful and skilled professionals – making a positive impact across the globe.


Our research helps solve social, economic and environmental challenges the world is facing today and into the future. We’re tightly connected with our communities, at home and around the globe – a connection that enriches our learning, teaching and research.


  • Strategy and Governance
    The University of Melbourne has a distinguished history of high achievement. Our strategy supports the best researchers, provides an exceptional student experience and assists our international partners.We’ve attracted professional industry leaders to grow our acumen and ensure the University will continue to be a leader for generations to come.
  • Facts and Figures
    At the University of Melbourne, we’re proud of our outstanding reputation for excellence.
    For over 160 years we’ve made distinctive contributions to society and attracted the best and brightest students and researchers – bringing together the world’s best minds to solve globally significant problems.
  • Leadership
    The Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and senior executives are responsible for the strategic vision of the University.
    Their leadership ensures the University remains a viable, accountable and world-class institution.
  • Priorities and Partnerships
    We bring together the world’s best minds to solve globally significant problems through learning, teaching, research and engagement.Our staff, our research endeavours and our global partnerships all contribute to make us Australia’s #1 university, and the largest research university in Australia.We’ve attracted professional industry leaders to grow our acumen and ensure the University will continue to be a leader for generations to come.
  • News and Resources
    Welcome to the University of Melbourne’s news and resources centre.
    If you need to contact an expert, find the latest media releases, access our image library, or film on campus, you’re in the right place.
  • Careers
    The University of Melbourne is home to some of the best thinkers in the world, adding to the stock of human knowledge and addressing the major social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.Our academics lead brilliant, globally recognised research, teaching and collaboration. Our professional, administrative and support staff create a world-class working environment and enable academics to continue achieving internationally renowned excellence in research and teaching.
  • Melbourne Model
    The University of Melbourne’s degrees work a bit differently to those at most other Australian universities. They’re similar to those offered by many top institutions overseas in that you’ll start with an undergraduate degree, and can then choose to specialise at graduate level.Why? We want you to create your own study path, with the power to choose your own direction and explore new options along the way. This is important in a world where careers are changing fast and employers value independent thinking.Few people graduating today will stay in the same industry forever. With our degrees, you can build the right skills to adapt and to change successfully.
  • Our History
    The University of Melbourne has a rich and fascinating past spanning 160 years.
    Every building, every department and every period of time has its own story. While some of these stories have been recounted many times over, a great number remain to be written.Beginning as a cluster of buildings set in a large park on the fringe of the city, with four professors and 16 students, the University now sits at the heart of a thriving international city.Today over 8000 academic and professional staff support a vibrant student body of more than 48 000, including more than 13 000 international students from over 130 countries around the world.

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