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Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne is a world-ranked university leading the way in innovation, industry engagement and social inclusion. Our education, high-quality research and industry partnerships create positive change for students, staff and the community.



  • Our University
    Swinburne is a large and culturally diverse organisation. A desire to innovate and bring about positive change motivates our students and staff. The result is in an institution that grows and evolves each year.
  • Rankings and Ratings
    Swinburne has an international reputation for quality research that connects science and technology with business and the community. Our standing in prestigious world academic ranking lists reflects our commitment to high-quality teaching and research and graduate outcomes.
  • Our History
    Over 100 years ago Swinburne began with a simple premise: to provide technical education to a sector of society otherwise denied further education.
    For over a century Swinburne has committed to innovative education, strong industry engagement and social inclusion.
  • The Journey
    The vibrant, multicultural and student-focused university you know today boasts over 50,000 students from all walks of life. In 1909, however, the first class enrolled merely 80 young men.Swinburne offered training and education in plumbing and mechanics. We offered classes with the very first computers. Since the digital revolution Swinburne has been providing cutting-edge education. Our media programs and bio-research are just two examples.We continue to focus on emerging technologies, industry engagement and flexible learning options. We ensure we adapt and evolve with the times. We deliver relevant education for our students today, and tomorrow.
  • Our Structure
    Gain an understanding of the structure of our organisation and learn how different parts of our university work together towards common goals.
  • Leadership and Governance
    Swinburne maintains a consistent vision and a focus on core principles through appropriate governance by its Council and Academic Senate. Our executive team of leaders drives the organisation towards success.
  • Strategy and Initiatives
    Our initiatives embrace sustainability, cross-cultural partnerships and equal opportunity. Learn more about our objectives and strategies for the future and how we plan to achieve them.
  • Jobs at Swinburne
    Discover how you can apply your knowledge and skills in a job at Swinburne. We keep the bigger picture in mind. Swinburne is a place where your work can impact the national economy and wellbeing of our society. We promote diversity, support career development, provide flexibility and offer competitive salary packages. Apply for a job at Swinburne and join an organisation with people passionate about their work and the education sector.
  • Campuses and Facilities
    Swinburne has campuses across Melbourne and a campus in Malaysia. Our campuses are close to public transport. We provide specialised facilities and unique learning environments to support you in your studies.

  • Giving to Swinburne
    Every gift, no matter the size, has the power to transform the educational environment of today and tomorrow. Throughout our 100+ year history, Swinburne has been committed to innovative education, strong industry engagement and social inclusion. Our emphasis is on high-quality, engaged teaching. Our research focuses on science, technology, innovation, design and business. Donations to Swinburne of $2 or more are tax deductible within Australia.

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