Your Study Playlist for College

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Your Study Playlist for College

It’s a known fact that music plays a big role in uplifting spirits but did you know it is equally effective in bringing focus to your studies? Whether you have run out of motivation or you’re just feeling slouchy and uninspired, music is the best way to get yourself moving.

Though choice of music differs between individuals, there are certain kinds of music that are proven to help you study because they build a positive, mellow ambience in your mind and also do not distract you from studying because of heavy lyrics or loud sounds.
Here are the best music choices to play during study time:
1. Spotify Study Playlists

The number one destination for playlists, Spotify has plenty of playlists compiled by experts and curators to help you study. These are mostly songs without lyrics and have a subdued, relaxed sound. You can even save the best tracks that work for you in your own Spotify playlist. These playlists are recommended for better studying but in case you have found an alternate type of music that works best for you, then go ahead and play that or add it to your playlist.
2. Brown noise

Brown, Brownian or Red noise is a great sound to have on while doing any activity that requires  lot of focus and attention. It is available on channels like Youtube and other music streaming platforms for free and you can play it if you need a dose of extra attention that light music is not able to give you. These deep sounds have been recorded for different durations and you can pick the one that matches your study time. Explore this sound next time you sit down to study if you haven’t already. We promise it will work!
3.Classical music
Always a plus when focusing on your studies. Classical music is the purest form of music so naturally does not include any unwanted, distracting elements. It is peaceful, elite, subtle and in tune with healthy brain functions to help you concentrate and absorb information to your fullest potential. The rhythm is such that it does not rush you or slow you down but rather uplifts your spirit to help you concentrate on your work. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it now!
4. fm.
This is an interesting website that is dedicated to sounds that help the mind. Whether you are looking for relaxation or concentration, speed or unwinding, this site offers sounds that can help you achieve these goals. There is a free trial available for you to get an idea of what they offer after which you can decide to sign up for regular use. Their playlists are based on scientific research on the relationship between sound and the human mind! So you can be sure that whatever they recommend will be good for majority of us.
5. Independent Artists
If you are up for some exploration, Australia is a cultural hub for independent artists that produce pleasant, soulful music. International students pursuing various UG, PG, Masters and diploma courses in Australia have an abundance of music to explore in and around their cities. Once you have found the perfect sound, have it on when you sit down to study or work on an assignment and see if it helps. These musicians create songs across genres and you can take your pick. From soft jazz to lo-fi beats, they create amazing music that you can search through.
Music has a surprising effect on our bodily and mental functions. To recognize that is step one. After that, you can begin your search for the perfect sound to help you work or study. We strongly recommend trying all of these because we are sure you will find the perfect music for your study time among them!


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