Your First 24 Hours at Uni as an MBA Student

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Your First 24 Hours at Uni as an MBA Student

First day of Uni often witnesses a herd of lost, little lambs in need of a shepherd to guide them. While that could be a charming experience, we recommend NOT being completely clueless on your first day especially if you are an international MBA student in Australia. And to help you get through your first day at Uni easily, here is The Education Post’s Day 1 Checklist:

  1. Know Your Campus – Most universities in Australia have a physical or downloadable map of the campus for new students so make sure you have one and can successfully locate essential buildings/areas on your own. Of course, you can ask anytime you feel lost, but it’s good to have a reliable source handy at all times. Better yet, do a little survey before your first day so you don’t look like Alice in Wonderland on Day 1.


  1. Student Facilities – Take some time to familiarize yourself with all the student facilities and resources offered by the college. The most important of these are the library, technical support centre, food, transport and stationery. Get a few essential activities in order like having your email setup, downloading required apps, getting necessary student cards issued, etc. on the first day.


  1. Track your schedule – For MBA and Masters students or those pursuing PG courses, knowing your timetable gives you a head start to prepare for upcoming lectures and post-class planning. This way you will never miss out on any preparatory tasks that need to be completed before particular classes. Keep a schedule of your lectures handy especially to track updates and changes.


  1. Your Day 1 Starter Kit – For international students studying abroad, there is a standard set of essentials you need to carry with you. This includes your Student ID, notebooks and textbooks, campus map, basic stationery, laptop, money/card for coffee, lunch and other purchases. Pack these the night before so you don’t forget during your morning rush. 


  1. Organizers & Equipment – In today’s digital age, mere notebooks don’t suffice. Organize your notes, tasks, social calendars on either your laptop, tablet or phone. This is especially helpful during the many changes that are made to timetables, updates on assignment requirements, new event announcements, etc.
  2. Career Centre – A must-visit on Day.1 for international students, the career centre has all the answers to your academic queries. Get all the support you need here, not just for future prospects, but for guidance on subject areas, learning workshops, opportunities, extra curriculars throughout the year. While you don’t need to pay a daily visit, make a regular stop maybe once a month.


  1. Medical Assistance – One of the first things you must do, whether you need it or not, is to visit the health centre to know your way around it. You must be familiar with standard procedures, basic how-to’s and counsellors availability for both physical and mental concerns.


  1. Cafés – We know you would enjoy this one! Scan the campus hot spots for the best food, beverages, snacks on the premises. There are plenty of choices for international students in Australian Universities when it comes to food. Other than continental meals, healthy salads and desserts you can also grab an assortment of coffees, teas, energy drinks and juices to keep yourself hydrated.


  1. Your College  Wardrobe – We assume you have done all your style shopping before your first day as you must, but it is just as important to organize your cupboard for various apparel needs. From power dressing for presentations and casual classics to absolute comfort wear for extra stressful exam days, you must have your clothing all sorted out beforehand!


  1. Social Calendar – Last but most important, make time to get to know your fellow students, dorm-mates, faculty, staff, etc. This should also be one of the first things you do on Day 1. Not all of us are absolute charmers, so it might take us longer than others to build a network. So get started as soon as you step foot on campus.

That’s all! This list will help you breeze onto campus on your first day without fiddling for essential tools and information.
Have any specific queries? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

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