Work Teaches You Things That a Lecture Room Can Not

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Work Teaches You Things That a Lecture Room Can Not

As a university student, your phone, laptop or tablet is most likely going to be your best friend throughout the duration of your course. Whether Android or Apple users, there are numerous Apps that can assist your university experience, making it that little bit extra convenient.

Study and Organisation

  • Google Translate: this useful application features translations between 80 different
    languages. Allowing users to transpose speech directly, listen to them aloud as well as view definitions. It also incorporates a ‘favourites’ feature for quick access to translations.

  • My Weekly Budget: as an international student, it is important to keep tabs on your
    spending and make sure you are keeping a tight budget during your time in the country, without the problem of overspending. Keep your spendings in check and turn them into savings! This application helps track your spending making sure you have set a budget each week and even each day!

  • TransitTimes+: public transport is going to be your best friend while studying in Australia. Knowing how to get to, from and around your university helps make your life hassle-free and convenient. This application gives access to transport schedules, maps, journey planners and service alerts. It also allows users to check the balance of their transport card.


International students must have

Free Wi-Fi Finder: this application is perfect for finding nearby locations that offer free wi-fi access. Looking for a quiet place to study and need internet? This application will allow you to filter through a range of locations based on types, such as cafes or libraries. It allows you to save your most used locations for the future.
Lost on Campus: never got lost with this App. It features detailed maps, classrooms, lecture theatres, coffee shops, restaurants and even toilets, meaning you won’t get lost on campus. Many campuses across Australia are quite large, often making it difficult to locate a specific classroom or area. Not only does this application help with where to go, but there are also reviews on the best places to go on campus, helping you find all the hot-spots!
Macquarie Aussie Slang Dictionary: need help to refine your Aussie slang? This easy to follow application will help you learn some of the main Australian idioms and slang used. Featuring over 2600 definitions, you will be well equipped for a conversation with a true Aussie.
A couple of simple downloads will have you ready to tackle your International study experience in Australia.
There is almost an app for everything, so why not make the most of it and download the ones that are useful for you!

You’ll thank us later. Hit download now!

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