What is Western Sydney University’s ‘Jobs on-campus’ program?

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What is Western Sydney University’s ‘Jobs on-campus’ program?

When you study at Western Sydney University, you have access to much more than just quality education. The Jobs on-campus program provides ample opportunity to apply for paid, professional experience while you are a student. Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or need valuable degree-relevant work experience, you can avail these jobs for students.

Western Sydney University fills these positions on a competitive basis, just like how it would be once you start your job search after graduation. As a result, these jobs for students give you real-world experience. They even provide additional career-related resources that help you get the best chance of securing success. According to Western Sydney University, this is how students should plan their time in university to become career-ready:
● First-year

Take the time to settle in and develop the appropriate study skills required for future roles. You can look for part-time or casual work that helps you build valuable skills like general communication and teamwork.
● Second-year

Build an effective resume and look for degree-relevant employment, summer internships, or work experience. This will enable you to gain work skills specific to your interests.
● Third and fourth year

Keep seeking degree-relevant employment or work experience and build networks with professionals in your field. Remember to update your resume and keep it relevant.

In order to help students become career-ready, the following programs are offered by Western Sydney University:
1. Winter scholarship research program

For undergraduate students who want university research experience, Western Sydney University has an excellent opportunity called the Winter Scholarship Research Program. This program is designed to provide students with a placement in formal research environments supervised by leading Western Sydney University academics.
Students gain experience carrying out a research project and may be required to present their findings in a report and presentation. Western Sydney University offers a range of project choices across a number of research fields.
The Scholarship is available to students in the 2nd or 3rd-year undergraduate students and is awarded on a competitive basis. You can nominate up to 3 projects of interest, from which the Selection Committee will allocate one to you.
2. Unpaid work experience

The work experience program at Western Sydney University gives you a way to explore careers, jobs, and industries and build your network. The program provides eligible students with insurance cover for up to 100 hours within 3 months.
To be eligible, you must be an enrolled Western student. These roles are voluntary and not a requirement of your course. The conditions of your work experience will comply with the 2009 Fair Work Australia Act and Western Sydney University insurance provisions. These provisions are designed to protect you while participating in your work experience.
3. Paid work experience

The Jobs on Campus team works with over 40 units/schools to fill short-term vacancies. As a JOC student, you can work in various roles across Western Sydney University, including administration, events, student and staff support, design and technology, fieldwork, communications, research, finance, and more.
You can take up roles based on your requirements as they are flexible. Through these roles, you can enquire about jobs, learn about job requirements, brush up on your interview skills and gain valuable feedback.
4. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to build degree-related experiences and make some valuable contacts. Western Sydney University helps you get started through partnerships with The Centre for Volunteering, Volunteering Australia, Volunteering NSW, Pro Bono Australia, Liverpool Volunteer Resource Centre, and Nepean Volunteer Services.
5. International opportunities

Jobs on-campus are not just limited to Australia; you can explore a range of opportunities abroad and develop new skills and experiences. The university can even help you establish your career back home once you have completed your studies. The following career guides can help you:
● GoinGlobal

The country career guides on GoinGlobal are the ultimate international job seeker’s guide to a successful future. You can find country-specific information with more than 45,000 resources for finding employment at home and abroad.
Each guide has been developed by a local career specialist and contains recommended websites and detailed resource descriptions on vital employment topics.
● CareerHub

Western Sydney University displays job postings from CareerHub on its website. These postings give you information on open jobs from all over the world. They give you an overview of the job requirements, monthly compensation, employer information, etc.
The Jobs on-campus program was designed to help students prepare for life after graduation and face a competitive job market. While at university, students can gain insightful knowledge on how they can prepare for their dream roles and even have real-world experience on the job. This will prove very advantageous as you will be able to mold the required skills and meet the criteria for any job you choose!


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