Ways To Get A Career Head Start While Still In College

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Ways To Get A Career Head Start While Still In College

University is a place full of opportunities. Whether you make the most of it or not, is up to you. You might think you’ve got it all figured out but The Education Post is here to tell you that there are opportunities students tend to overlook while at college that can really make a big difference in their careers. Australian universities are full of such opportunities and these are the most important ways to ensure you don’t miss out on them:

  1. Network, network and network – You might have heard this one a lot and rightly so. The most important practice, not only in college but basically throughout your career, would be networking. Keep on building the right contacts and more importantly, maintaining them. This way you will find opportunities come your way more easily than others’.


  1. Take up graduate training programs – Under Bachelor degree programs in Australia, a lot of times these trainings are optional unlike internships, which are mostly mandated. Keep a close tab on upcoming trainings and sign up for the ones you might have an inclination towards or the ones that seem like good exposure.


  1. Be a part of student exchange opportunities – These are again granted mostly to those who seek them and not strictly on a merit basis. A cross-cultural experience would bring the kind of exposure that no other training would. This will also allow you to establish a connect overseas at a much younger age than most working professionals.


  1. Regularly visit your career centre – This is a must. You will notice the career centre a lot on websites and brochures of Australian universities as this is a wing that provides counselling and guidance to students with regard to their careers. Have questions? Head over to the career centre and all your queries will be answered.


  1. Practice your soft skills – What are soft skills, you ask? These are skills that aren’t directly measurable but make a much bigger impact. For example: communication, motivation, problem solving, creative thinking, responsibility, etc. Practice these every day and you will have learned the skills professionals take years to develop after their careers begin.


  1. Extracurricular activities – Asian students are infamous among Australian universities for being inactive in everything other than academia. Well, it is time to change that! Do not become one who stays buried in study material and never participates in anything other than Mathlete activities. Take up a hobby, an interest, perhaps a sport. Branch out in your extracurricular activities. You will be surprised how much these come in handy in your professional years!


  1. Make the most of internships – A lot of students tend to slack here because for them bagging the internship is the biggest achievement. But do not make this mistake. Getting an internship while pursuing a bachelor degree in Australia is not even half the battle. Make sure you interact positively and effectively with superiors and perform your duties well, especially if it is a place you desire to work in someday.


  1. Seek mentors – At every step of your life at universities in Australia, you will see inspiration. In professors, friends, seniors, juniors, staff, etc. What you should do is seek their guidance in what you wish to learn from them and keep on learning. As you move from one graduate year to another, seek continuous guidance from those who can ultimately help you achieve your career goals.

Keep your eye on the ball! Make sure you follow these practices in college to come out as a wholesome, driven, passionate individual who is ready to take on professional responsibilities. We guarantee that if you follow these regularly, opportunities will be yours long before your peers. Are you ready to take on a highly effective education path? Get in touch with us and we will help you make your dream come true!


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