Using Career Support Services at Your University

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Using Career Support Services at Your University

Universities not only help students gain knowledge but also play a big role in preparing them for their careers. Students can sometimes forget about their career goals, especially when the workload of studies and assignments is overwhelming. Career development planning is one of the most important aspects of university life, and the Career Support Services team at your university supports you in achieving your career goals. Most universities in Australia offer an extensive range of services, resources, and tools that will help you find Australian academic jobs, formulate career plans, prepare for the workplace, and even find a job in your chosen field.
They usually have small teams of Career Support Practitioners, who work with students individually or in groups. Career Support Practitioners can help guide you with online resources, advice on internships, finding Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities, and volunteering. You can find out about specific programs on your university website.
International students can avail a number of services that can help progress their careers. Whether you want to build a career in Australia, back home, or in another country, you’ll benefit a lot from these standard career services.
1. Counselling and Support Services

You can check in with trained counsellors who give confidential advice to students struggling with their studies, relationships, or problems at home. You may face some trouble adjusting to the changes that come with moving to a new country and such resources can help you keep yourself motivated. Also, these services do not need a doctor’s referral as they are made to be accessible.
There are also many government and non-government agencies in Australia that provide free counselling, relationship support, crisis support, mental health, domestic violence, and suicide prevention services. International students can access these services through phone, email, webchat, online forums, and other information sources.
2. Study Skills Unit

For everything academic, you have this great service that gives you tips for taking notes during lectures, researching effectively, referencing correctly and producing high-quality assignments. Some institutions have their own specialist staff that can tutor you in different subjects. You can even bring specific material or homework to get feedback and assistance.
3. Peer Support and Tutoring
When you’re a freshman and settling into college life, it helps to have people around to speed the process along. Look out for peer support and mentoring programs at your university. These services include peer-assisted study sessions, which are designed for students who want to improve their academic performance and are also run by students.
4. Financial Assistance

You can pay a visit to the financial services team on campus when you need advice on budgeting, employment rights, taxation, government allowances, and other financial questions or problems. Financial advisers can also assist students in obtaining student loans, whether this is through an institution or a bank.
5. Academic and English Support

If English isn’t your first language and you face difficulty grasping it, you should get in touch with support services that offer workshops or individual language tutoring. You can find English-speaking groups through these services where you will be required to interact with other students and improve your language skills.
6. Career Prep

You will find a number of services on campus that help you get job-ready. There are even special services for international students who need career advice for jobs either in Australia or outside. They also help you build resumes and get acquainted with the much-feared interview process.
Many study programs include job vacancies in Australian universities and the opportunity to work in your preferred field. Internships, WIL – Work Integrated Learning, attending career fairs, and volunteering experiences are excellent ways to build your technical skills and grow your professional network.
7. Other Institutional Support Services

Australian institutions may offer other services like the following but to know what your university support services look like, contact them directly or visit their website.


  • Disability Support
  • Childcare
  • International student advisers
  • Student Accommodation
  • Financial and scholarship support
  • Health and wellbeing services
  • Fitness and support facilities
  • Security and safety advice
  • Student Associations


Career prep does not start in the final year of college, it is an ongoing process that begins even before you start college. University career centers and other services will help you explore career options and map out a plan. Most universities will have a career center and a team of dedicated professionals who can provide expert advice. Through activities like self-assessments, fairs, events, and workshops, they will help you find your direction and get on the right path.
Don’t miss out on such resourceful services that can make a huge impact in your professional career. Graduates who take advantage of career services are more likely to be employed full time by top companies around the world.

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