Unique Courses to Take Up Along with Your Major in Australian Universities

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Unique Courses to Take Up Along with Your Major in Australian Universities

Traditional majors are a mandate for all students regardless of university, grades, country or interest. However, Australia being the land of opportunities, offers courses that are more up-to-date with the skills required by companies today. So as an international student, take a look at these side courses you can take up while studying in Australia to really further your career:

  1. Digital Marketing :Essential for every single business, non-profit and individual today, digital marketing is the need of the hour and you can choose from a variety of courses in the field that will give you theoretical knowledge and practical expertise that you can apply anywhere you work.


  1. English Language Programs:One of the most important skills you will need to build not only in Australia but globally is communication and English being the most recognizable language in the world, it would greatly benefit you to take up an English course. With innumerable courses to choose from, Australia is really the best place to study the most widely used language in the world.

  3. Graphic Design: A highly trending skill to learn, graphic design opens up numerous possibilities for you to expand your nature of work. You can go from basic tools to advanced design softwares and build a portfolio that will get you projects across industries. You can talk to institutes offering these courses to help you decide.

  5. Environmental Management : Environment being the most discussed and dynamic field today has a lot of opportunities to offer and a course in Environmental Management can really help you work with organizations that are contributing immensely to climate change, environmental issues and earth science.

  7. Project management : Management in the true sense can be seen in development projects wherein managers are responsible for end-to-end processes, tasks, resources, reporting and analytics. It is a highly lucrative and versatile skill that can make you a valuable asset in almost any industry.

  9. Data Analytics : You might have heard of this multiple times recently and that is because as the world goes more digital, the dependence on data also increases. Therefore, anyone with data analytics abilities automatically becomes a great contributor to any business. That’s why it counts as a great side qualification to have up your sleeve.

  11.  UI / UX design : The number of apps in the market are increasing at an astonishing rate creating a very high demand for skilled UI UX designers and app developers. Not only is this the most sought-after skill today, it is also highly compensated for. Australia offers plenty of options online and offline in this field.

  13. Development Coaching : As the focus on wellbeing, mental health and balance increases, so does the need for professional coaches not just in specific fields but in every walk of life. Getting a coaching certification is easy. Australia offers training options that can certify you as a coach in your area of interest.

  15. Audio Engineering & Music Production : An off-beat but interesting field to get into. You might be thinking this applies only to those creating songs and albums but the scope of this program goes far beyond that. Sound production is required in marketing, advertising, business events, educational programs and so much more. So, go ahead, explore this course and reach out to us to find out more!

  17. Agricultural Studies : The demand for agricultural experts is very high in places like Australia and the methods of farming and vegetation are far more advanced than in countries like India. Therefore, studying Agriculture will give you fascinating insights into the automation and advancement in the field that you can apply while working with farms, FMCG companies, independent markets, etc.

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