Uni 101: Live Life The ‘Uni’ Way!

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Uni 101: Live Life The ‘Uni’ Way!

Being the third most popular study destination in the world, right after the USA and UK, Australia welcomes students from many different cultures, languages and lifestyles. The important thing for you to note as an international student in Australia is what you can do to fit in and have the best student life. So without further ado, here’s what you can do to be the perfect ‘Uni’ dweller:

  1. Grasp the Language: Paying attention to the very particular Aussie accent and the dialect itself is a very useful tip to get you into any circle. It might seem difficult at first, but it really doesn’t take very long to understand and adopt the style. Practice listening closely, paying attention, being mindful and talking to perfect this one.

  3. Know the Country: Yes it can be painful mugging up History chapters, but do it for the betterment of your future and learn all there is to learn about the country’s basic, most popular eras in history. Combined with basic knowledge of Australian politics, you can really get an edge in conversations and fit right in!

  5. Hustle is part of the Culture: Most students in Australia pursue part time jobs to support their education and accommodation expenses. This might be a good idea for you to follow not only from a financial viewpoint but also from a socializing and networking point of view.

  7. Be Adventurous: You really don’t want to be the kid that sits alone in class and stays locked in the dorm room on weekends. Make sure you take out time for fun activities. Whether its partying with classmates or hiking on weekends, make sure you get out. No one likes a bore especially in a vibrant, multi-cultural habitat that is Australia!

  9. Attend Events: Apart from weekend frolic, events are an official yet casual setting for you to really find your niche. Especially if you are not a complete extrovert, it might help you to find like-minded individuals so go on and get a copy of the college’s social calendar!

  11. Health & Fitness: Not all countries are on the same level of fitness and so when you transition from a not-so-inclined-towards-fitness country to Australia, you might want to make some adjustments. This can include having a fitness regime or joining a sport. The easiest way to get in with the good crowd is to live the same lifestyle!

  13. Don’t be a stranger: Sometimes opportunities are right in front of us but we fail to recognize them. A lot of times, you do not need to proactively initiate something but rather respond promptly to those who approach you. A lot of chances can be lost if we do not act on a potential connection. So don’t be aloof, rather, keep an eye out for such opportunities.

  15. Stay Connected to your home: While it’s good to fit in, you will only be the best version of yourself if you can bring out the best of both your worlds. Maintaining your balance by staying connected to your roots, meaning your family back home, reminds you of what principles you carry and helps you implement them in your new setting. Without them, you will find yourself to be unrecognizable by graduation!

  17. Study Efficiently: Yes there is a difference between studying hard and studying efficiently. The student culture in Australian universities is to become a career ready individual with a well-rounded personality. This means no matter how hard the curriculum gets, you need to make time for numerous other activities. That is why you need to be efficient with your studies. Find ways to create notes quicker. Get organized and find ways to save time and learn faster.

  19. Smile: It’s as simple as that! Keep your chin up and be a pleasant person to talk to. Being an international student in Australia can make you look unapproachable so you need to put a little effort in convincing people otherwise.

So this is our little cheat-sheet for you to have a happy, pleasant and meaningful college life. Apply these tactics from Day 1 for best results!

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