Trending Regions in Australia for Studying in 2021

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Trending Regions in Australia for Studying in 2021

When someone says Australia, most of us think Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Since 2020 however, COVID-19 has changed the migration game entirely for international students aspiring to study abroad in Australia. As bigger cities get saturated and new opportunities erupt in other parts of the country, these are our hand-picked destinations for the upcoming academic years:


  1. Victoria – Did you know that a third of the entire Indian student population in Australia resides in Victoria? That’s right! Aspirants and job seekers are drawn to the region of Victoria as it is brimming with opportunities, world-class education, scholarships and career launchers for international students. That clubbed with its holiday-worthy environment and habitable geographic location, makes Victoria a promising region for international aspirants! Close to weekend retreats and tourist spots, Victoria also has highly recommended vacation spots, resorts and clubhouses which makes it the most livable place in all of Australia!


  1. Brisbane – Though a major Australian city, Brisbane ranked slightly lower on the list of preferred destinations for education in the past. However, with the success of universities and business schools in the area along with the many courses and facilities offered by them (such as the University of Queensland), Brisbane has come up as a top choice among students to pursue higher studies. Equipped with all the right ingredients of a great city life, Brisbane is now the next top destination for higher education in Australia.


  1. Perth – Nestled in the western part of this beautiful island nation, Perth is a growing hub of employment opportunities and universities offering UG and PG courses, scholarships for high school seniors, internships and trainings for international students to gain experience and flourish! With universities like Edith Cowen University and University of Western Australia in this region, the options for international students are on the rise. With great options for accommodation, multi-cuisine food joints and affordable shopping, Perth makes a great choice for university dwellers and young workers.


  1. Newcastle – If someone hands you scenic walkways, a vibrant nightlife, best education options in the country and career opportunities all in one city, wouldn’t you jump at the thought of living there? That’s what Newcastle is. A trending haven for students and young professionals from around the world. The University of Newcastle witnesses more interest from international students year on year and is bringing in the best scholarships, facilities and placements for them. With more upcoming colleges, Newcastle is rising fast on our list of recommended study regions in Australia.



  1. Adelaide – Welcome to the South! Adelaide remains one of the most populated cities in Australia for a reason. With all the necessary metropolitan vibes and a fast-paced life, Adelaide continues to be an aspirational destination for international students not only to study in but also to settle in! Arm’s length from the University of South Australia, you will find student life prospering in all forms. It is a congregation of people from different demographics with a common purpose to elevate their quality of life. If you happen to visit this exciting city, let us know in your comments about the experience!


  1. Southern Queensland – International visitors are much too familiar with the vibrancy and charm of typical Queensland which includes the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other picturesque travel destinations. But what they don’t know is that if you want to live the all-Australian life, Southern Queensland presents innumerable opportunities especially for students to start their academic and consequently, professional lives right here. The University of Southern Queensland for example, has world class infrastructure and educators. It also offers some of the most sought-after majors and courses for students with varying interests. Pay a visit to this exquisite region in the South and you will know what we mean!


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