Top Super Foods for College Students

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Top Super Foods for College Students

College is where our junk food journey usually begins. As students, we tend to think it doesn’t have any impact on our minds, only our bodies (sometimes, we don’t even realize that!). But beware, what you eat can have a great impact on your mind and overall well-being. Therefore, here are the top foods we recommend for college students:


  1. Yoghurt – The goodness of this product cannot be described in words. There is so much nutrition and balance in yoghurt that combined with a few fruits and nuts, it becomes a complete meal in itself.


  1. Oats – The mother of all breakfast meals! Oats are the best source of energy to consume before you start your action-packed day. Complete with B vitamins, potassium, zinc, and vitamin E, oats are the best nutrition source of all.


  1. Blueberries – A global superfood, blueberries are the perfect food for the brain. Get yourself to a farmer’s market over the weekend and stock up on blueberries.


  1. Walnuts – They’re the best snack you can get. Replace chips with walnuts and you will feel energy flowing through you like never before.


  1. Salmon – For non-vegetarians, there are a lot of options to fulfil your nutrition needs. Fish is the greatest source of protein and salmon is the finest fish to taste! Delicious and nutritious, what more could you ask for?


  1. Seeds – Sprinkle flax, hemp or pumpkin seeds on your meals to instantly make them more nutritious. Best thing about these is that you can store them easily for long periods.


  1. Dark Chocolate – If you can replace your dessert with only dark chocolate, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and remain healthy. Dark bittersweet chocolate rich in antioxidants is the best remedy for dessert cravings but should be taken in smaller quantities.


  1. Salads – The best on the go meals are salads. Minerals, proteins and carbs all packed into one stellar meal that you can have for lunch or dinner every single day. They are light on the digestive system and loaded with energy!


  1. Apples – The best things to eat when there’s nothing else. Apples really do reduce illnesses not just in students but also when you get older!


  1. Avocado – Fruit, dip, topping, dessert, vegetable! Enjoy avocados in more than one ways so you never get bored with this nutrition rich food. Great for the brain and a healthy source of energy!
  2. Beets – Good for the blood, brain and body, beets are rich in nitrates and promote healthy bodily functions. Put them in your salad or drink the juice to enjoy this healthy vegetable.


  1. Broccoli – Cruciferous vegetables are rich in Vitamin K which builds stamina and improves presence of mind. Sharpen your memorizing skills by eating a lot of broccoli in your meals!


  1. Coconut – A versatile food, the coconut is a rich source of life in many parts of the world. Not just as a food, but as a material, it is used to make numerous things that can be used in daily life.


  1. Garlic – Herbs are magic. Garlic enhances flavors, fights infections and improves cognitive function! If you haven’t already, start adding garlic to your favorite home cooked meals!


  1. Spinach – Popeye was no stranger to the wonders of spinach and neither are you! Incorporate spinach in your meals so you don’t miss out on this amazing, healthy and wonderous food.


  1. Turmeric – With healing properties, turmeric is a superfood that helps your body build strength, maintain energy, fight diseases and make it overall healthy and fit.


  1. Almonds – Another nut you can eat for instant energy is an almond. Have them every day in small quantities to keep your energy levels in check and for a healthy way to fill up your body!


  1. Water – The most essential thing in your diet has to be water. Replenish yourself frequently during the day to make sure you don’t remain dehydrated.


Although there are many more foods rich in nutrients you can add to this list, these remain the most beneficial. So, get your grocery bag, run to the market and get your supply now. You can thank The Education Post later!


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