Top 5 hangout places in university of Newcastle

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Top 5 hangout places in university of Newcastle

Nothing is more comforting than knowing that a quick bite or an evening hangout is just a few steps away! Top universities in Australia have their gastronomy departments on top of their game all year round and the University of Newcastle is no different. On the other hand, too many options can make “Where to eat?” a complicated puzzle to solve. So, The Education Post has handpicked the top 5 hangout spots on the university campus.


  1. Aroma Café – The exact definition of a café. A warm and cozy work corner, some hot coffee and a quick something to fill you up is usually the order of the day while studying abroad in Australia. The study friendly ambiance of this place makes it perfect not only for studying but catch ups, conversations, club meet-ups and more!

  3. Bar on the hill – A favorite among students, this one is just as famous outside the campus as it is inside. The student pub also serves as a popular entertainment venue with some amazing local and global acts performing here from time to time. That combined with a hearty food menu makes this a number one pick on campus!

  5. Godfrey Tanner bar – Named after one of the most eccentric professors who taught at this esteemed, top university in Australia back in the day with a great story behind its establishment, this is almost a historic landmark on campus. Serving a wide range of affordable food, they also have a happy hour and some weekly fun evenings organized to emphasize upon the fact that a college experience is much more than just classes and credits.

  7. Mamaduke Café – Another quaint café with a large seating area, this one is perfect for a relaxing cuppa with friends or satisfying any sudden hunger pangs you might have while running between classes. A retreat for tired, sore bodies and minds, head over to Mamaduke’s to just slow down for a bit. And don’t forget to try their mouth-watering seasonal specials!

  9. Uni bakehouse – A little bakery love is what the doctor orders sometimes and this is the place to get it! Pies, pastries, giant stuffed breads, sausage rolls, muffins and all manner of freshly baked desserts await you at the Uni bakehouse. Every now and then you might feel like indulging in some baked goodness and giving into those sweet cravings. If that is you right now, then waste no time and walk into the Uni bakehouse!


These are our top picks for hanging out on the beautiful campus of the University of Newcastle and making studying abroad in Australia an unforgettable experience. Visit with friends, take a little break, let loose or just sit and read at these enjoyable campus spots. When you do, tell us how it was!


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