Top 5 Colleges to Study Accounting in Australia

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Top 5 Colleges to Study Accounting in Australia

Bookkeeping and accounting are foundational to every business and needless to say, there are roles in Accounting that are always in demand. Australia, being an international education hub, offers many opportunities for students to pursue courses in Accounting. There are several options you can choose from like a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, Commerce or Economics. The Education Post lists down the five best colleges to study Accounting in Australia:
1. The University of New South Wales

One of the top research universities in the world, UNSW in Sydney is also one of the best universities to study Accounting and Business in Australia. These disciplines are a part of the UNSW Business School which also ranks 12th-15th on the list of top universities for Accounting in the world every year. Combined with practical applications of the subject, the university focuses on industry insights and the impact of changing economies to drive its curriculum. It teaches students technical skills across key areas, including corporate finance, auditing and assurance, financial reporting, and data analysis.
2. The University of Melbourne

Yet another top university in the country as well as the world, the University of Melbourne offers a state-of-the-art Accounting program with a carefully selected structure. The college invites industry experts from the Trade, Commerce and Accounting fields who give students real-time, applicable insights that can help them in their educational and professional pursuit. The University also takes pride in its placement percentage in top-tier companies. During the course of your program, you will learn numerous practical applications of financial concepts, accounting methods, financial reporting and interpretation.
3. The University of Sydney

Welcome to the oldest educational institution in Australia! The University of Sydney is an academic mecca and a world-famous destination for higher learning. It is a university that ranks among the top 30 best universities in the world, not just in Accounting but overall. One of the best Accounting departments in all of Australia, this university situated in the heart of Sydney, invites students from all over the world to study Finance, Business and Commerce. Degrees range from UG, PG to MBAs depending upon your choice of specialization. After obtaining your degree in accounting from this university, you will be well equipped with the necessary skills to take on the business world.
4. Australian National University

The famous Australian National University is a top-tier centre for higher education that is known for its Accounting and Business programs. Situated in Canberra, it enables students to apply their knowledge in industry-specific scenarios, integrate practical/theoretical expertise and take financial decisions based on the situation. As some of the most sought-after Accounting graduates, students of the ANU College of Business and Economics also bag the best jobs in the field as head hunters search for profiles with top-tier college names on them.
5. Monash University

A name we always come across while searching for the best colleges in Australia is Monash University. Being Australia’s largest research university, it boasts of various successful disciplines like Accounting, Business, Pharmacy, Engineering, Law and many more. Accounting majors graduating from here carry the prestigious label of the university wherever they go and are respected for it in any corporation they work for. Monash University gives its graduating students a chance to gain industry experience by providing internships in the biggest multinational corporations in the world.
If you are attracted to the prospect of being an Accounting major then these are your best choices as an international student studying Accounting in Australia. To find out more about a specific university or discipline, reach out to us and we will be happy to help!


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