Tips for Writing A Perfect Statement of Purpose

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Tips for Writing A Perfect Statement of Purpose

Is the thought of writing a great statement of purpose to your dream university keeping you up? Don’t worry, we have you covered. With these 6 pointers, you will be able to write a statement of purpose (SoP) that does justice to your amazing credentials and help you study at the university of your choice!


1. Read the prompt well.
Make sure you have read the prompt given by the institution well! Take note of any word limits and specific pointers that they have provided. These should serve as a guide for you to write a customised SoP according to their requirements. You can also use them to edit your SoP and send your best final draft!


2.Make your own pointers.
Once you have read the instructions, think about the main points you want to include in your SoP. These could be important events that highlight your skills, your motivation to apply or how you would fit in at the institution. List these to make a structured framework for your SoP. It will help you stick to the point and avoid unnecessary rambling. Remember, it is a statement of purpose; every statement you make should serve some purpose.


3. Show, don’t tell.
Highlight your qualifications and interests. The aim is to let the universities see for themselves what a great student you are! Focus on what makes you a great fit. You can do this by explaining how you have imbibed the necessary skill set over the years. Talk about your achievements that demonstrate your growth. You should aim to have the SoP capture the most interesting and important moments, instead of giving long descriptions of them.


4. Prove that you belong!
One of the best things about a great statement of purpose is that it helps the university see why you would thrive in their institution. The key is to do some background research. This will help you understand the values they emphasise on, the culture they support, the expectations they have of their students, the fields they have achieved excellence in and how all these fit in with your goals. This shows the university that you are their ideal student!


5. Edit.
A great statement of purpose is always well-edited! Do not shy away from multiple drafts. One of the primary goals of editing is to delete unnecessary text. Remember that the person reading probably reads multiple statements of purpose, so yours should do its best to stand out. Lengthy pieces can be hard to read. Therefore, keep your content captivating and concise.


6. Proofread!
Proofreading is so important that it deserves a section of its own. Sloppy grammar, typing errors and uneven formatting and spacing make for a horrible first impression. They show a lack of effort, precision and attention to detail. Always proofread the statement at least once before you send it.


These were our tips on how to write a perfect statement of purpose. We hope yours exceeds expectations everywhere! Do you think we missed out on something that should be covered? Did these suggestions help? Let us know in the comments below! We would also like to help with any other application materials that you would want to know more about, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. Watch this space for more tips on how to write the perfect college application!

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