Things to do before you begin university for the year

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Things to do before you begin university for the year

A prepared student is a better student. Do you want to be the student that does not have a clue about what is going on around them? If you are here, then your answer must be no.
It is important to remain prepared and understand the rules, regulations and key steps you need to undertake before starting your university journey. Being informed about these specific measures will help assist you through your first day.
Many universities also have Student Connect groups or central meeting points where you can ask them your desired question. However, after taking these steps, you’re probably not going to need them.
Here is a brief checklist on what you must do before you start university in Australia:
1) Enrol: It is important that you ensure you have accepted your offer, activated your online
account/portal and enrolled in your units online. Not doing so can place you in a stressful situation come day one as you haven’t taken the required steps to start your university journey.
2) Check emails and logins: Ensure that your email and log-in are all functioning and that that they are easily accessible either via your phone, laptop or desktop.
3) Obtain your student card: Be sure that you collect your student card as it will provide access to certain study hubs, allow borrowing of books at the library and be your ticket to student discounts. It is also used as ID on campus so always keep it around!
4) Plan your timetable: organise your timetable to one that is going to provide you with the most convenience. It is important to organise your time effectively, to do this there is a range of mobile applications which can help manage your tasks according to your timetable.
5) Take some time to navigate on your university website: check out all that your university has to offer; the groups, clubs and events that may be going on. Download a campus map or Lost on Campus mobile application to help you around your first day. Your university website may also include important information on travel and parking on campus.
6) Attend orientation: attend to your course orientation as this will help you understand what is expected from you at university, meet other students and familiarise yourself with the campus.
7) Locate Student Services: be sure to know where Student Services is located. It is also beneficial to explore what services they provide and what type of support is available.
8) Check and confirm all subjects: read about every subject that you have enrolled in. Prepare for what to expect in terms of reading and assessment load.
9) Find all study material: ensure you have all of your course equipment. This includes handbooks, readers and textbooks before you start. Student VIP is a great tool to help you buy textbooks and obtain high-quality subject notes.
10) Get organised! …and stay organised!
Essentially it is important to be prepared. Do not aimlessly wander into your first lecture without knowing what to expect. Be present, be timely and be ready to understand what is going on. That way, you can also spend some time making connections with people.
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