The Ultimate Sydney Uni Student Guide To The Best Coffee On Campus

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The Ultimate Sydney Uni Student Guide To The Best Coffee On Campus

If there’s one thing that University Students need for them to get through class, it’s Coffee. Lots of it.


Nothing smashes an 8-page reading, 2 lectures and 4 written essays, more than a double shot Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk.

However, If there’s one thing that can be agreed upon, it’s that some coffee spots are better than others, and if you’ve decided to study in Australia, then you better take up being a Coffee Snob as a full-time role.
Because if you’re going to arrive to your 9am tutorial with a heavy hangover, none of your tutorial questions completed and 3 lectures behind, you may as well do it with a tasty as hell coffee in hand.
We’ve put together a guide that will tell you where to get the best coffee around your Sydney University:
16 University Avenue, Macquarie Park
If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s coffee at Piccolo Me. Imagine you’ve skipped your 3-hour 10am lecture to catch up on your readings (keep telling yourself that), and you want to set yourself up somewhere that’s cosy and stimulating. Piccolo Me has its own café area, complete with funky tables and friendly staff. Just set up your readings (or Netflix), order a Latte, and enjoy some serenity not too far from the W building.
A30 Western Ave and Physics Rd, Camperdown
You won’t find a more central Coffee spot than Ralph’s Cafe. Located dead in the heart of USYD, this coffee spot is home to the best Iced Latte on campus. If you’re running late to class because the busses from Central were jam packed, you may as well walk-in 20 minutes late with a Ralph’s Café coffee in your hand because it’ll make being late all worth it.
Western Sydney University
The Bakehouse
James Ruse Dr, Parramatta
We can’t all be lucky to get a 1 day a week timetable, and if so, we definitely don’t have the funds to be buying coffee every single day. If that’s the case, The Bakehouse is the place for you.
The Bakehouse has crazy cheap coffees, guaranteed to not break the bank. Also, they’ve got cakes and other delicious pastries that will have you snacking all lecture long! To-go please!
Penny Lane Bar And Cafe
Building 11, Lvl 1/81-117 Broadway, Ultimo
If you’re looking for a zen place to meet with your group for that big presentation you have coming up, then look no further. Penny Lane is the best place to set up your laptop, and enjoy some world class coffee that’s sure to get the blood flowing and guarantee that HD. If you’re class is in CB11, then you’re double lucky, because this central location will have you grabbing drinks and snacks 24/7!
The Whitehouse
UNSW Campus Gate 4 High St, Kensington
So what? You didn’t get a participation mark in your last tutorial class? You know what would make it all better? Getting a Taro Latte from The Whitehouse and putting it on Instagram guaranteed to get you 100+ likes. The Whitehouse is home to everything weird and wonderful Coffee wise. Aside from a Taro Latte, you can opt In for a Coconut Latte, or even Matcha! Sign me up!
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