The top 3 ‘instagrammable’ campus spots of Sydney and Melbourne

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The top 3 ‘instagrammable’ campus spots of Sydney and Melbourne

Do you want to intrigue your Instagram followers with some cool location shots while living in Australia? We came up with the top 3 ‘instagrammable’ locations on university campuses across Sydney and Melbourne.

3. The University of Melbourne (Parkville, Victoria)

This university is the second-oldest university in Australia and is a perfect fusion of historic sandstone buildings, modern architecture and sustainable design.
However, the faculty of Business and Economics, or also known as ‘The Spot,’ is a photogenic beauty. Especially at night, the sleek, contemporary structure is well illuminated through the glass.
With chilled beam technology lighting it up, this building is one you want to capture for your Instagram!
Another Instagram hot-spot at the University of Melbourne is its very own System Garden. A beautiful natural setting within the campus housing an oasis of greenery and florals, it is fast becoming a set for the photoshoots for many. The System Garden even has its own Instagram page!

2. The University of Technology, Sydney (City Campus, Sydney, New South Wales)

This University has a variety of buildings developed unique to its own style and flair.
The UTS Vicki Sara Building opened in 2015 and is definitely a show-stopper. This building is the perfect combination of modern architecture with sustainable building, being awarded a 6 Star Green Star Design.
In addition to its beautiful exterior, the building is home to mesmerizing mosaics, thriving cafes, a green auditorium, a super lab and much more. Despite these beautiful features, the most spectacular vision in the building is the striking stairwell. With graceful curves, sprinkled with natural light, the staircase brightens the spaces and makes taking the stairs fun! Whatever the angle, the staircase is the perfect shot.

1. The University of Sydney (Camperdown Campus, Sydney, New South Wales)

Considered one of the most architecturally and historically beautiful universities in Australia, University of Sydney, Camperdown has been captured by the hearts (and cameras) of many.
The Camperdown campus is home to numerous click-worthy locations, often hidden in tiny nooks or in obscure walkways, that are unique in design, style and memoir.
However, if there were to be a ‘queen’ of photo locations, the Quadrangle (Quad for short) definitely wears the crown. The perfect combination of nature and gothic architecture, this building is home to various high-ceiling ornate halls, Faculty offices, various learning rooms and a Museum, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Hogwarts.
Definitely magical in essence, the Quad is incomparable in beauty. Dating back to 1855, 19th-century sandstone and greenery are the perfect fusion of yesterday and today.
If possible, you should aim to visit the Quadrangle in Spring (September to November) to appreciate the Jacaranda tree that softens the gothic architecture, blankets the surrounding trees and carpets the ground beneath it.
However, Sydney University’s beauty is not limited to the Quadrangle. Shifting away from historic architecture, the Graffiti Tunnel is another Instagram-worthy scene.
Situated in the humble midst of the picturesque campus, the tunnel is flooded in flamboyant colours and is a cross between grungy New York and hipster Melbourne. This exhibition of exceptional street style is the perfect backdrop for any photo and any #hashtag.
Even if you don’t attend any of these Universities, they are definitely amazing to check out!
However, if you’re lucky enough to call one of these your home, we’ll be expecting some artsy Instagram pictures on your profile soon! Happy Instagramming.

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