The Best Things for University of Canberra Students to Do on Weekends

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The Best Things for University of Canberra Students to Do on Weekends

Ready to begin your overseas adventure of education and fabulousness? Come on down to the University of Canberra! All we can say is that the capital city of Australia is popular among international students with good reason. And we’re not just talking about the renowned University of Canberra because the city has much more to offer than just world-class education.
Students who chose to study abroad in Australia have found that Canberra is reinventing itself each year. There are so many new places and experiences here leaving no room for you to get bored. So if you’re new to Canberra and have no idea what is around the University of Canberra, here’s a map to going out and about the University of Canberra in your spare time and on weekends.


1. Zone Bowling
No city is complete without a bowling alley and Canberra has one of the best, so make sure to grab some friends and go bowling one afternoon. At Zone Bowling, you can even indulge in some arcade games, bumper cars, and a little cafe which is just a 5-minute walk from the University of Canberra – Campus West.
2. Lake Ginninderra
Just down the road from campus west of the University of Canberra is Lake Ginninderra. Lots of students who study abroad in Australia love to come here for a weekend picnic or bike ride and enjoy the natural beauty. You could even make use of the different areas and public facilities like picnic tables, barbecues, wharves, skateparks, and playgrounds.
3. Hoyts
In the mood for a movie? Just pop into Hoyts Cinema at the Westfield in Belconnen to catch the latest movies.
4. Hot Air Balloon
If you’re in the mood for something exhilarating, take a hot air balloon ride with your university friends. You can find this service at many spots like, Rond Terrace, Lake Burley Griffin, Patrick White Lawns, and more. Take off at dawn and watch the sun rise with you.
5. Truffle Hunting
Universities in Canberra for international students can be very exciting, especially from June to August each year, as you can participate in the truffle hunt. This is a great way for students to bond as they get down and dirty while hunting truffles on farms. Once the hunt ends, you might even get lucky with a warm dish with truffles or a truffle lunch at one of the local restaurants!
6. A Cheetah Date.
Studying abroad in Australia means you will come face to face with some of the world’s most incredible wildlife. This is especially fun for international students who go to the Universities of Canberra, as the National Zoo and Aquarium promise extreme levels of excitement. You even get to meet some human friendly cheetahs! Pet, play and watch these amazing cats in action but of course, under professional supervision.
Good places to eat

The University of Canberra offers a variety of food options like Oscar’s bakery, Coffee Ground, The Well, Mizzuna Cafe, Dominos, Double K, Global Kitchen, and Nomad. However, if you feel like exploring, here are a few options close by:
1.The Lighthouse
If you want to end a long day at university with a beer and pub meal, head on down to the popular Aussie-style pub on the lake at Belconnen. Choose from a range of classic pub meals, such as a chicken parm or a steak, and get a drink from the bar.
2. Chong Co
University of Canberra students can check out this friendly Thai Restaurant, located on Lathlain Street, at the top of the Westfield Belconnen. They serve a variety of delicious Thai meals. Meals cost roughly around $20-$25.
3. Goodberries
Dessert lovers can pay a visit to the ever-popular Goodberries for a delicious Frozen Custard. This great diner has a strong American vibe and offers the best frozen desserts with a custard base (chocolate or Vanilla) and a blend of sweets, fudges, fruits, nuts, and more.
4. Ricardo’s Café
Just down the road at the Jamison Plaza, stands the fabulous, locally-owned café, Ricardo’s. This is the best place to grab some coffee or tea and even some lunch. They have a range of breakfast and lunch foods, along with an array of colorful cakes and pastries.
1. Westfield shopping mall
Just a quick 10-15-minute walk from the University of Canberra, Campus West, you will find the answer to all your shopping needs. You can find every kind of store from retail, grocery, restaurants, salons, pharmacies, banks, and more at the Westfield shopping mall.
With so many choices available, students at the University of Canberra don’t have to go too far for any of their needs. This city sees a lot of students coming in every year, and with international students new to the city, the landscape is always evolving. Canberra is truly a student hub, and for those of you who choose to study here, the possibilities are endless.


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