The Beauty of Uni

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The Beauty of Uni

My life has drastically changed since endeavoring on a 4 year Honours degree of Landscape Architecture. As a full time uni student, my public sphere has expanded itself to the heart of Sydney and all it has to offer.


With most universities located around the city having roughly 30,000 students attending, there are plenty of cheap student deals for all types of food and drink combos. I hate to break it to you, but if you choose a degree that requires your attendance most days of the week, then you can say goodbye to your pocket money. Hence why these cheap deals really do come in handy to charge your brain and satisfy your stomach, without leaving a burrito shaped dent in your wallet.


So I don’t go completely insane with the heavy workload and long hours of my grueling degree, I have found a safe haven – beer and snitzel. It is impossible to choose a favourite meal combo as I like to spice things up from day to day, but a juicy chicken snitzel with crispy chips and BBQ sauce for only $10… get in my belly!!! After I devour my slice of heaven I wash it down with the typical $5 beer available ALL DAY and I am officially satisfied.


All foods aside, you’ll make plenty of mates to hang out with in the breaks, BUT managing your time is important or you’ll end up staying up all night completing an assignment that you’ve had for months the night before it’s due, and in that moment your only friend is coffee and redbull.
I really am living the true Aussie uni experience. Despite it being a bit stressful at times, I can knock back a couple of beers and attend a lecture straight after and hey, that’s the beauty of uni!



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