Student Tips for a Relaxed Yet Productive Weekend

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Student Tips for a Relaxed Yet Productive Weekend

“Fun and freedom or hustle and hardship?”

The question on every college kid’s mind whenever the weekend approaches. But The Education Post asks you why choose? Make your weekends the perfect pitstops with a balance of rejuvenation as well as growth! Here’s how:

  1. Turn chores into a party!
    The number one student tip is to get a tag along in finishing whatever you find boring or have been putting off over the weekend. Check things off your mundane to-do list first thing Friday evening so you’re making space for yourself for the rest of the weekend.


  1. Day time is for productivity
    If you need to catch up on studying or work on assignments, get it done during the day on weekends. The daytime is a relaxed catch up time you get without the pressures of weekdays and the madness of weekend nights.


  1. Pay attention to yourself
    Get some self-pampering done whenever you feel like over the weekend. Sunday evenings or Saturday noons are the best times for this. It can also be a buddy activity. This makes you way more productive not only over weekends but also for the coming week.


  1. Sunday evening prep time
    Before Sunday blues kick in, just put on your favourite music and plan for the week to come. Make notes, lists, set reminders and even do some study planning. This way your Mondays will be a lot less scary and a lot more productive.


  1. Invest in a good club
    No, we are not talking about discotheques. For that you’re on your own! We’re talking about student clubs at Uni. Being a part of something that supports your interest or inclination keeps you busy as well as relaxed. Try it first and thank us later!


  1. Don’t compromise on party time
    Whatever you do, a big part of college life which you will cherish forever is the good time you have with friends. So, let your hair down and go out. Make plans and explore places. Travel, eat, party and live!


  1. Volunteer
    The most satisfactory things we do are those that aren’t for self-gain. If you have never tried volunteering for a cause, you absolutely must. And weekends are the best times to do this. Take out a couple of hours to do something for a community or crisis, anything that you feel strongly for.


  1. Do some reading
    Doesn’t have to be textbook reading. Pick up a book you find interesting. Or a magazine from your field of interest. Anything that you can cruise through while sipping a cup of your favourite beverage. Go for activities like these over couching or watching movies since they have a tremendously positive effect on your mind and body.


  1. Play a sport
    Other than your regular workout, save weekends for a special physical activity. You can choose from a sport you play on weekends or even swimming. You could go hiking if that’s what you enjoy or go along a biking trail. There are numerous adventure sports available in Australia that you can take up. The list is endless. Thrilling activities like these warm up your body and keep you active through the week. There’s nothing worse than lazing around unless you are too worn out to even walk.


  1. Go local
    There’s no better time to get to know your new surroundings and culture than the weekend. Get out and about to meet people and explore areas. Visit local streets, talk to others, find out about the history of your town, try out cuisines and more! Everything from the natural terrain to the music and food are unique to different areas. Knowing the places you live in are an integral part of your education.

Whether you do 3 or all 10 of these activities on weekends, you will feel the productivity rising in no time. Make sure you are consistent in your efforts and you do not let go of this practice even after you graduate. We, at The Education Post, strive to help you build a wholesome and successful life at college.

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