Self-Isolation for International Students in COVID

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Self-Isolation for International Students in COVID

Away in a foreign land and stranded alone! This might seem like a nightmare scenario for many international students but in reality it is not such a bad situation. Self-reflection, indulgence and relaxation are all the things you can now enjoy as you spend some quality time with yourself during this pandemic. The Education Post lists down the best things to do while self-isolating for international students in Australia:
Be a Good Student
Despite the ease of bunking that remote classes provide, it is actually better to stick to the schedule like a good student. This means showing up for classes on time, taking your appearance seriously and not looking sloppy, grabbing a coffee like you would for regular classes, taking scheduled breaks, making proper notes and paying attention like you would in class.
Plan Ahead
All that alone time can be put to excellent use by planning what your year ahead would look like. Make your financial plans, study programs, accommodation checklists and much more. You will be surprised at how productive you can get by doing this even for an hour every day!
Indulge in Your Hobbies
When you are at Uni, running around from lecture to lecture, hardly stopping to breathe and constantly under pressure, there is almost no time to focus on an activity or hobby you love. Remote classes have given you a somewhat relaxed time table as they cut down the commute. You can take advantage of this by picking up where you left off in a hobby or side hustle you might have enjoyed a while back.
Enjoy Your Own Company
International students studying in Australia can feel a lot of stress when it comes to mingling and finding their crowd. This can turn into an insecurity and a feeling of loneliness when you are stuck at home unable to be in physical contact with anyone. Therefore, this self-isolation can be a good time to bring the attention from the outside world and your social circle to yourself. Think about what you would like to achieve, how you could pamper yourself, do the things you like and basically learn to enjoy your own company.
Socialize Remotely
Having talked about spending time with yourself, we would also like to tell you that you must not restrict yourself from reaching out to people just to self-reflect. That stands true only when you do not feel like you have many people to contact at the moment. But when you do, we encourage you to pick up the phone or have a video chat with the people whose company you enjoy.
 Get Out

Once in a while, get out and take a walk. The fresh air will do you good and in times when there is really nothing else you feel like doing at home, just step outside and even the quiet, peaceful streets can be a good distraction from the indoors. Better yet, ask a friend to go along if that is allowed and you are both in the same vicinity.

In no scenario, is this not a good thing to do! Regularly exercising keeps the mind fresh more than the body. So plan a schedule and work out at the most favourable hour during the day. Whether you do 15, 30 or 90 minute cycles, what is more important than the duration is the regularity. Treat yourself to a hearty, healthy snack after completing your daily workout. That way you will look forward to it every single day.
Eat a healthy diet
What most home dwellers and isolated folks around the world have been really able to enhance is their cooking skills. To compliment your workout, you can start meal planning to incorporate a healthy diet which is also highly recommended during lockdowns since there is very little movement and the body stays mostly in passive state. So learn a few, quick healthy recipes and we guarantee you will enjoy the process thoroughly once you begin!
There you go! Beat those isolation blues with these wonderful indulgences and there will be a time when you will look back fondly on this time!


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