Scholarships Currently Available in Australia

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Scholarships Currently Available in Australia

Studying abroad is often expensive but scholarships make it easier for you to pursue your goals without worrying about the expenses. Australia has many opportunities for scholarships that you can avail of. Many scholarships cover not only your tuition fees, but also your living and travel expenses.


The Government of Australia has a range of scholarships available under the Australian Scholarships Programme. Indian students can avail of these with ease as they are based only on merit. Moreover, they are also equitably distributed amongst the genders! Unlike other countries, you don’t have to study long hours to pass the special qualifying examinations to be eligible for them. The only exception might be IELTS which is sometimes necessary to establish English proficiency. Therefore, all these opportunities are absolutely up for grabs! The government offers more than 1,900 Australian Awards Scholarships to students in the Indo-Pacific Region alone. You can find further details about these and apply for the one that best suits your needs at


Moreover, Edith Cowan University offers the Executive Dean’s 2020 Master of Engineering Scholarship to Indian students. It is merit-based too! This scholarship presents you with a 10% reduction in tuition fees for the length of your full course. Another scholarship that offers the same incentive is the ECU Melbourne and ECU Sydney Scholarship. The only condition that you have to meet if you are planning to study at these campuses is to fulfil their English and other academic direct entry requirements.


However, these are only a few amongst a multitude of scholarships. There is a high probability that you will find yourself eligible for multiple scholarships in each university, increasing your chances of securing one. So, which scholarship are you applying for? We understand how important securing scholarships can be to ease your degree experience and we look forward to helping you with it. Comment below with the name of the university or the specific kind of scholarship that interests you and we will get back to you with answers to help you achieve your dream!

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