Public Transport For Sydney Universities

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Public Transport For Sydney Universities

A quick guide on the best way to get to class, including buses and trains.




FOR? Macquarie University, University of Technology, University of New South Wales & Australian Catholic University


PRICE? $1.23-$3.03 Concession Off Peak (Cap at $7.90 per day)


No matter what time your lecture, The Sydney Rail Network will get you to your class on time and with minimal walking. Most of Sydney’s Universities are based directly next to or very close to their campus. During peak hour, trains can run as often as every 4 minutes, and are generally very spacious and comfortable.


The best way to get around Sydney will be via your Concession Opal card which the University provides. However, if you are planning on studying part-time, you can find an Adult Opal Card at most major supermarkets and petrol stations. With this card you can electronically top-up money, which is then deducted per trip you use. This card can further be used across other forms of public transport as well.



FOR? Sydney University, Western Sydney University, The University of New South Wales


PRICE? $1.10-$2.35 Concession all hours (Cap at $31.60 a week)


Buses will allow you to get to and from your University, no matter where you are. They are the sole option of transport for Sydney University, Western Sydney University and the University of New South Wales, but buses run regularly during class hours and always depart from main POI’s. Buses will also allow you to study on campus well into the night, as while the train stops at midnight, the nightrider carries on. Single ride tickets can be purchased on most Sydney buses, but the Opal card is the most favorite form of travel.





PRICE? Can be purchased from as little as $99


Bicycles can be essential for Universities with large campuses such as Macquarie University, The University of New South Wales, and Sydney University. Getting from one end to the other on foot can sometimes take up to 10 minutes. Bicycles also make living around the University an easy option, as you can reduce your carbon footprint and cycle to class. With Bike travel in Sydney not being as popular as it is in other regions such as Europe, it’s a cheaper, green and healthier way to travel around the city.




FOR? University of Sydney and University of Technology (and UNSW pending 2020)


PRICE? $1.10-$1.83


The light rail currently runs across popular CBD locations, with close ties towards The University of Technology and Sydney University campuses. The light rail is a cost-effective way to get to class if you are living around the CBD, as it stretches all the way out to Dulwich Hill. Currently there is a new line under construction that will stretch out to the University of New South Wales, with talks to expand towards the University of Western Sydney also.

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