Popular Field of Study in Australia

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Popular Field of Study in Australia

We are no stranger to the fact the Australia is on top of the list when it comes to study abroad destinations. With top ranked universities, it also offers world class education with the best UG and PG courses across the country. But what is it that you should choose to study in Australia? Here’s a list of the best fields to study in the continent country:


    1. Business and Management
      A business major is a rewarding qualification to have on your resume and Australia offers degrees in business that are recognized worldwide making the student’s future prospects shine. From the best UG and PG courses to vocational certificates, diplomas in business and research opportunities, Australia offer it all. With enough exposure to real time work environments, the students are prepared to take on the business world globally. Internships and projects with local and international corporations are a part of the program thereby opening up a lot of doors for the students when it comes to career opportunities.

    3. Medicine
      Medical practitioners are paid extremely well worldwide, regardless of which medical specialization they are in. So after you obtain your medical degree from Australia, you can go on to work with big names in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry or set up your own medical practice or even take up a nursing or assistant position while you are studying. You can opt for a full medical degree program which takes 5 to 6 years to complete like anywhere else in the world or a trade school program to specialize in nursing and clinical care, whichever you feel you are well cut out for.

    5. Finance & Accounting
      A degree in Finance or Accounting from a top Australian university will do wonders to your career and there will never be a dearth of opportunities. Choose from an array of specializations like professional accounting, financial risk, tax, insurance, banking and more! Not only are the big industry sharks always looking for qualified finance experts but there is also enough room for independent practitioners and consultants in this field. 

    7. Law
      The world can never have too many Harvey Specters! Everyone knows the value of a law degree and one obtained from a prestigious Australian university is an icing on your qualification cake! The best thing about being a law grad is that every single industry needs good legal experts to maintain the sanctity of their trade. Therefore, with a law degree, you can enter just about any organization in any industry as its legal custodian. From courtroom  to financial and corporate law, you can take your pick and soar! 

    9. Creative Arts, Design & Humanities
      Fancy being a journalist, film maker, fashion mogul, photographer, designer or performer? With an international degree you can impress the world’s greatest personalities in arts and humanities and as always Australia is on top of its education game in the creative fields as well. With top ranked institutes, there are multiple degrees, certificate programs and diplomas to choose from that will give you all the theoretical and practical knowledge, not to mention industry exposure, to help you become the best artist in your field of choice.

    11. Education
      Top educators are not just in demand but are also some of the most respected as this profession carries a high humanitarian value. It allows you to impart wisdom and capability to young minds and mould their futures. Australia has a good number of top degrees and courses in education specializing in all levels of teaching from primary, secondary to higher education.

    13. Engineering
      With technological advancement nearing the speed of light, there is enough room in the world for engineers and technology geniuses. Whether you wish to pursue an undergraduate program or obtain a masters degree in IT or engineering, Australia has some of the world’s best institutes and universities in the field.  With the best infrastructure, teachers, curriculums and global industry exposure, it is no wonder that Australia is the most popular destination, especially among students from Asia Pacific to pursue Science, Engineering and IT.


    At The Education Post, we believe in helping you choose the right program starting from the field of study all the way to the right university. This list should help you with step one that is what you should study and keep reading our posts to take the next steps in your education process.

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