New Country, New lifestyle, New Words! Basic University Terminology Explained…

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New Country, New lifestyle, New Words! Basic University Terminology Explained…

Starting a new life in an entirely new country is daunting enough without the stress of learning a whole new language.
As an international student attending university in Australia, you may be overwhelmed by some of the terms used at university – assessments, census date, corequisites, prerequisites, credit points, elective units, special consideration, and the list goes on!
What do all of these mean? Here is a quick reference guide for key terms you need to know while
studying in Australia.
Assessments are a way of tracking and measuring your performance throughout your studies. These are usually in the form of written and practical tasks as well as performances, portfolios and designs.
Most universities also have a census date for all courses, meaning a specific date where enrolment for the unit becomes final. This means you must pay fees, and the unit of study will appear on your transcript. Tip: If you’re not enjoying a certain unit of study and want to change it, make sure to do this before the census date, otherwise you will be locked in.
Enrolling into units can be a long tedious process. Many studies also require what is known as corequisites and prerequisites.
Corequisites are units of study one must complete before or at the same time as another unit of study. While prerequisites are those units you must successfully complete before attempting another one.
During your enrollment phase, you will also be presented with the word credit points. This is a simple term given to the value of each unit of study/subject which then contributes to the completion of your degree.
All university courses have a required amount of credit points they have to reach before finalising their degree and graduating!
When enrolling, you will also come across elective units you will have to choose from. These units are those that can be taken outside of the required major/minor units.
These specific electives will allow you to explore certain interests outside your field of study and give you a chance to learn something different.
Throughout your university experience, there may be events where you will need to apply for special consideration. Not sure what this is? It is simply a way in which students can apply for support or consideration if they are suffering from illness, injury or misadventure which has had an impact on their performance in terms of assessment.
If you have been granted special consideration, this will be taken into account when assessing your performance and you will be assessed with your consideration in mind.
If you are still struggling to understand key terms associated with your university degree, here are some helpful resources that can help guide you along the way:

Remember, if you don’t know something just ask… It’s all a learning experience.
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