Most Important Competencies for International Students

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Most Important Competencies for International Students

Being smart and disciplined in the student world are definitely desirable traits but as an international student studying abroad in Australia, for you to succeed in a global setup, there are essential competencies you must develop to have a culturally enriched student life with maximum learning and opportunities. Not only that, practicing these will also give you an edge and help you emerge as an overall, confident global citizen.
1.  Independent Learning
A self-learner is the most successful individual in any global setup. Practice the art of self-directed learning which is focused on increasing your knowledge and sharpening your skill rather than studying only for better grades and credits.
2.  Balanced Ecosystem
Many international students take the approach of getting ahead in class by spending an unnecessary amount of time buried in textbooks. This should definitely not be your approach. You must create a healthy balance between academics, extra curriculars and socializing. Such students come up as global players for life and not just class toppers in college.
3.  Self-Awareness
Australia is a top destination for students wanting to study abroad. Therefore, a good evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses is a must as an international student before embarking upon your college journey. This way you can leverage your strengths to build your path and work on your weaknesses as you go along right from the beginning.
4.  English Language Skills
In an English speaking country like Australia, it is essential to build a proficient level of expertise in the English language. This has to be a continuous effort and you must practice it in written as well as oral communication. The more comfortably you can articulate thoughts and ideas in English, the more successful you will be.
5.  A Diverse Worldview
International students with a good awareness of global scenarios are known to perform better at universities and also experience more acceptance in international settings. Understanding different world views makes you a competent student as opposed to someone with a narrow view and understanding of the world which prevents others from interacting with them.
6.  Knowing International Dimensions of your Major
It is also extremely important to understand the global nuances of one’s own field of study. Your major is not just a degree you will obtain, but a qualification that you would be known for in the future. Therefore, to excel in a global setup, ensure you are well versed in different scenarios of your field of study with respect to other cultures.
7.  Exhibits Cross-Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptability
A high rate of adaptability towards different cultures and appreciation of mixed company is an important competency to build. Being sensitive to diverse ideas gives you an opportunity to interact with more people and build stronger connections. Engaging in discussions and activities which invite a varied congregation of students enriches your international experience.
8.  Perspective Taking Skills
Practice absorbing perspectives just as much as giving opinions. Before you agree or disagree with another individual, especially an international student from a different cultural background, assimilate the information they share and just listen. Stay curious and ask questions to understand different viewpoints to establish empathy and compassion towards fellow students.
9.  Intelligent Humility
Humility is a quality admired all around the world and you must practice it every step of the way. Learning is a lifelong process and the more humble you stay the more people will trust you with information. Studying abroad in Australia opens a world of knowledge and experiences and you must not let pride hinder your access to it. Especially as a student, you are in a phase wherein you must learn as much as you can. So take full advantage of this time and gain more.
10.  Technological Adaptability
You do not need to be a computer genius or highly tech savvy, but just keep yourself updated with the latest trends in technology that are relevant to your student life, field of study, practical experiences, etc. This will help you to communicate and share ideas, complete projects and go about everyday life on campus and in the city.
The road to international success is this simple! Following these practices will take you anywhere you wish to go not only during college but in life. Whenever you have a doubt, remember that The Education Post will always be your guide and companion throughout your international academic journey.

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