Master of Commerce – Macquarie University

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Master of Commerce – Macquarie University

What makes Commerce a field of excellent opportunities is the vast exposure to business studies and trade environments that the students are introduced to. This allows them to launch themselves into the number-driven corporate setup that the world runs on and enables them to take on important roles in business.


This is why the Master of Commerce degree remains one of the most sought after courses to pursue, especially for international students studying in Australia. The Macquarie University, situated in the ever-buzzing city of Sydney takes pride in its Master of Commerce program for the many facets it provides including a cohesive understanding of business and hands on experience in business environments.


Students of this program are encouraged to explore areas within the commerce space to find specific fields of interest. Moreover, students can choose one or multiple streams depending on their inclination which helps in broadening the scope of their study and future opportunities.


The range of experiences covered by this course is ideal for creating high value business leaders and fetching students the best of internships and career opportunities. The holistic approach of education adopted by Macquarie university suits international students perfectly as it takes into account all aspects of student life in Australia as well as your curriculum needs. You will not just be privy to quality academics but also a quality student life. The Sydney way of life is ideal for out-of-towners as it gives them an opportunity to explore different cultures. Students from all around the world come to Sydney for higher studies making it a cultural hub in Australia.


The Master of Commerce program offered by the Macquarie University is built on a flexible framework which can be customized for individual students as per their career aspirations. You can combine disciplines, add electives and take on projects and internships suited to your desire. This combined with industry exposure to help you choose the right path from the very beginning is the ultimate recipe for success. Even if you wish to deep dive into a certain subject, there are plenty of resources available to help you do so. Based on the standard credit point system, you will be evaluated according to the stream and curriculum you choose. Talk about a student-friendly program!


If you thought that was good, there’s more! You can even tailor the program based on any prior work experience you may have or a course you might have recently completed. And if you wish to branch out from your discipline of undergraduate studies, you can choose a whole new program as well. This could be an excellent way for you to switch careers or industries in the future.


Complete with mentorships and frequent guidance from industry leaders and experts, the program has a lot more than just a degree to offer. The research projects which are part of the program give you the opportunity to advance your learning of a specific area of interest and get one step closer to taking it up as a full time path after completing your Masters. The research will include snippets from the industry, conversations with experts and material based on your learning for showcasing your calibre in the area.


The Macquarie University welcomes international students and provides them with the necessary aid to help them build a prolific student life and a professional career. Equipped with the perfect social environment an international student of business and commerce can ask for, the university ranks among the top 5 in Australia.


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