Master Essay Writing with These Helpful Hints

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Master Essay Writing with These Helpful Hints

Writing an essay is a part of university students’ everyday life.
Let’s face it, writing essays can sometimes be boring and challenging. It is even more difficult for international students as they are faced with the challenge of writing in a new language.
This is why it is important to take the task one step at a time and not be overwhelmed. With the help of these tips, you will be writing amazing essays in no time!

Write a draft

Once you have completed all of your research, a draft of your essay is created. This is the first version of your essay.
It will be full of mistakes, most likely very basic, and is the first step towards a High Distinction! Creating a draft highlights the importance of realising that an essay cannot be written in one sitting. It will take time and be refined with edits to reach perfection.
When writing a draft:

  • plan your essay – introduction, paragraphs topics, and conclusion
  • insert all of your research into one document
  • categorise this information into paragraph topics
  • cite all of your sources immediately so as to avoid losing/mistaking them
  • take regular breaks and re-visit your work with fresh eyes


Write in English and avoid translations

Although it may be easier to write in your own language and translate it thereafter, an essay requires much more work than a simple translator.
Writing in your language and translating it after can lead to major errors in your work. The English language consists of many rules/conventions which need to be followed and submitting an essay in a translated language can lead to inaccurate meanings as well as an increased risk of loss of
Writing in English is also more beneficial as it will help strengthen your language skills while producing a successful piece. If you are really stuck, read the next helpful tip.

Get some help… shh, no one needs to know

We will keep it simple, here is a list of software that you can use to help with your essay writing:


Get a second opinion and proofread

Proofread. The golden rule for submitting a successful piece. As many times as you look at your essay, an error will always creep out of nowhere. It is crucial to proofread multiple times to ensure that nothing has been missed.
In addition to this, having someone else read it over for you is also beneficial in seeing where you can improve, seeing mistakes that you have missed, and in gaining a second opinion on the style of writing. A second opinion is always a valid opinion.
Before you write your next essay, be sure to keep these tips in mind!
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