Making Australia Your Home: Tips On Settling in as an International Student

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Making Australia Your Home: Tips On Settling in as an International Student

After a long, tiring and most-likely uncomfortable flight, your plane has landed. You finally made it! You aimlessly wander into your new ‘home’ and begin to unpack your bags, aiming to settle in as soon as possible.
Then, suddenly, a moment of realisation – this is not a holiday.
Most international students experience unwarranted nerves when thinking about the ‘first day,’ fearful of the unknown. Despite this mixture of emotion, there is much to look forward to studying in Australia.
Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your time as a student in Sydney.

Get connected!

Making connections and meeting people should be your first step at university. This will help you feel a part of the community.
Whether you are here in Australia alone or living with family or with friends, making connections on campus affects your overall university experience.
Universities in Australia usually have a range of associations and clubs you can join to establish new connections.
Joining social groups and social media student pages will also provide you with the opportunity to make new friends and stay connected. Most universities have associations set up and run by student bodies that you can join.
Here is a range of clubs and societies at USU or have a peek at your institution’s webpage for theirs! Get involved, be you and enjoy!

Be prepared

Your first steps on to the grounds of your new university can seem very overwhelming. Many universities in Sydney have huge campuses, which can often feel like a maze.
It is important to familiarise yourself with the campus before your first day and keep a note of key locations such as student centres, libraries and connect areas.
Some universities also have campus map apps downloadable for both Android and Apple to help guide you around your campus.
Tip: A great application is Lost On Campus, one of the biggest campus mapping apps with over 42 campuses.

G’day! It’s time to assimilate to Australian culture…

The Australian accent is distinct (and often tricky to follow if you are not accustomed to short Australian slang!), the culture is quite different, walking on the footpath is in the opposite direction and you’re favourite candy is nowhere to be found. Welcome to Australia!
Yes, it is quite different and it will take some time before beginning to feel at home.
Getting involved, going out and talking to people can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable – this is the Australian thing to do.
A great tip from us would be to learn some iconic Australian slang and idioms. Having a conversation with a local could turn into a total disaster if you don’t understand what they are saying.
Some simple online research can convert you into an Aussie within a couple of days. Check these out:

Let loose, explore your campus and surrounding areas, visit some of the world famous attractions and, above all, don’t forget to study.
Between studying and Australian activities for both night and day, you won’t have a spare second to feel bored. Soon enough, you may even fall in love with Australia, and call it ‘home.’
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