Make the Most of Student Resources on Campus

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Make the Most of Student Resources on Campus

First day of college can feel like landing in Wonderland. Everything can seem strange and unfamiliar. The first question students ask us when enrolling in universities is “What are the student resources available to us on campus?”. Luckily, universities in Australia have an abundant supply of resources for international students. Take a look at some of the most useful resources you can utilize on campus:
1. Online Academic Support

With online learning shaping the future of students, universities have plenty of material online for you to access. From college guides and program information  to study guides and lectures, you can find almost any information you require seated in your dorm room.
2. Study Groups

Formal study groups are available for students to join in various fields and categories. Depending on your subject matter and availability you are free to join relevant study groups in your college. This helps you prepare for exams or even revise specific topics .
3. On Campus Counsellors

Counselling on various fronts is available to students in Australian universities. For international students, there are specific mentors available for you to clarify any doubts or concerns you have about living on campus, accessing other resources and academics.
4. Tutoring

If you need extra focus in certain subjects, you can take the help of tutors on campus. These can be peers or seniors who devote their time helping others master specific topics. Just ask your professors and they will guide you to the right people.
5. Student Writing Centre

A great student resource is the Writing Centre, where you can get language assistance or get your work and assignments reviewed by expert peers. You can get help with content presentation as well as grammar and formation. This is a great aid for international students as they can get the required help in refining their language.
6. Communities and Clubs

Groups formed around a central idea are a useful resource to strengthen your foundation as an international student in Australia. Getting involved in club activities, social gatherings and cultural communities can help you mingle and establish your place on campus.
7. Study Spaces

Campuses allot study spaces on need basis to individual students and groups for studying, conducting meetings and planning events. You can book these spaces online on a scheduler where you can view the availability of spaces, timings and other information.
8. IT Centre

For all your tech needs, head over to your campus IT Centre and your issues will be instantly resolved! Whether you need your laptop fixed or need to access a community app, get your IT problems solved by professionals without stepping out of the campus premises.
9. Medical Centre

No campus in Australia is without a fully equipped health centre for students. Keep your vital stats in check, find a nutritionist, get first aid or special health assistance in an emergency. You will find medical assistance throughout the day on your campus.
10. Cafeteria and Food points

No list of student resources is complete without the mention of food centres on campus. You will find a variety of food options depending on what you’re in the mood for. Be it a quick snack or a heavy lunch, you can find the required filling station on your campus grounds. Moreover, student concessions and discounts apply everywhere on campus so take full advantage of this!
These are some of the best campus resources in Australia’s colleges and there are plenty more! Reach out to us to know about specific universities and their resources. We will help you make the right choice!

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