Learn about the University of Adelaide’s WellBeing Hub

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Learn about the University of Adelaide’s WellBeing Hub

As a student of The University of Adelaide, you will be happy to find out that they highly prioritize student mental and physical health. They understand that our overall well-being comprises many aspects of our life. Interestingly, they encourage students to explore, question and consider how you might help yourself or someone else. When you choose to study in this prestigious institution, you will have access to more than just The University of Adelaide’s courses. One of the biggest perks will be their WellBeing Hub.
The University of Adelaide’s WellBeing Hub provides a number of resources and services that will help you study better, stay fit and receive psychological support. From online/offline counselors, helpful blogs, and wellness subscriptions to student help groups, the university offers a number of platforms where you can gain guidance and support. Let’s dive into what these resources are and how you can access them.
Although Adelaide’s uni courses are exciting, they can be equally stressful. Realizing this, they have partnered with TalkLife Ltd to help you get instant support for your mental health through the TalkCampus app. The app provides online well-being and mental health support through a worldwide peer network. You will gain psychological resources through safe interactions, anonymously and in your preferred language through an online community going through similar struggles.
The TalkCampus app is provided by TalkLife Ltd, a third-party provider located in the UK, which is not part of the University of Adelaide. The university pays a fee to the app provider, so all currently enrolled students can access the app for free.
You can connect with peers any time, night or day, on campus, remote, or offshore. Languages supported by TalkCampus include Bengali, Cantonese, English, Hindi, Mandarin, Odia, and Urdu.
The university will not have access to the details of students who use the Talkcampus app, nor does the university control or moderate the app. To sign up to TalkCampus, you need to use your University of Adelaide student email to unlock the app for free.
2. Well-being tips
If you’re more of a daily affirmations and self-help blog person, then you need to sign up for The University of Adelaide’s well-being email subscription. You will always have some mental health resources ready whenever you need them, integrating the tips you gain from these emails into your daily life.
When you sign up, you will receive regular tips, learn about available well-being resources, find out about well-being events, and access their tips archive. You can even forward these tips to others and encourage them to sign up as well.
3. Student blogs
Student blogs are a collaborative resource open to any University of Adelaide student. These blogs are researched and written by students for students. The Student Health and Wellbeing Blog covers ideas, tips, reviews, ramblings, and everything in between. You can find articles on varied subjects like breakfast hacks, breakdowns, mental health, and focusing tips. If you’re looking for some comfort in words, the right place to start would be the student blogs.
4. Volunteering and events
As a student at The University of Adelaide, you have the opportunity to be a part of something that contributes to your student community. Student Health and Wellbeing recruit student volunteers for event planning, hosting, resource creation, and consultation for certain wellness events.
As a Wellbeing Warrior, there are opportunities to help you contribute to student well-being on campus. You can reach out to your student wellness center on campus or go onto the university website to apply for this opportunity.
5. Miscellaneous services

 The Student Life portal is committed to helping students succeed at university and beyond. Think of this as the university’s exclusive support center where you can gain assistance through counseling, international student support, safety on the campus, and much more.
There is even an Emergency and Crisis Support for immediate help services. Make sure to get onto the university website and store these details beforehand to use it if a situation arises.
Covid Well-being services can help you find ways to support yourself through uncertain times. Their tips include using your quarantine time efficiently, re-adjusting to a post-pandemic lifestyle, and more.
The Mental Health First Aid Training course teaches students about giving initial support to adults who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem, or in a mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolved.
Addressing mental health problems often entails a holistic view of managing the body, social connections, and thought processes. Oftentimes, it is difficult to manage our personal or educational struggles on our own; that is why The University of Adelaide started the WellBeing Hub. With the numerous services available, you should feel comfortable reaching out for advice or help during your time at the university. The first step to recovery is acknowledging that you are struggling and reaching out to others. You can meet faculty members or peers when you feel down or need support.


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