Landing in Australia as an International Student

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Landing in Australia as an International Student

Your plane has landed and your emotions are running. Feeling excited, tired and maybe a little anxious.
It is daunting arriving into a new country with no familiar faces or places. Settling in can take some time and may require some support.
Getting off the plane will definitely feel almost relieving after a long, tedious flight. It may also feel overwhelming as you have finally made the first move as an International Student.
After excitedly hopping off your plane, you will proceed through to Australian customs and immigration to have a visa check. There is also a students volunteers welcome desk where people will welcome and guide you toward what you need to do next.
It is certainly normal to have a dozen questions. Don’t be afraid, that’s what they are there for. Ask away!
Home Sweet Home
Your new home awaits. You should make appropriate travel arrangements to head to this new environment you will be calling home.
Here’s a tip from us, research your transport options before arriving in Australia so you don’t have to face the struggle of dealing with it after a long flight.
There are many different ways to travel around Australia. Choose between a train, bus, taxi, Uber or shuttle. All of these options will take you from A to B, it all depends on your preferred method.
Making yourself at home is no easy transition. It may be quite intimidating as you will be faced with new housemates. It is important to create a positive relationship with those you are living with, as you will be a part of each other lives on a daily basis.
Don’t waste too much time! After you have met your housemates and unpacked, it is time to discover your suburb and the surroundings.
Your pantry and fridge are most probably empty which means your first stop should be the supermarket! Stock up on all your favorites and make yourself feel home. Take a walk around your living area as this is a great way to see all the hot-spots, cafes and shopping centers.
Stay connected
Setting up the internet and wi-fi in your new home is going to important to help you stay connected and up-to-date with everything. It is also a great idea to set up your mobile phone plan as soon as possible so you are not without a phone. Students can sometimes lock in cheaper rates for phones so make sure to mention you are an International student and you may be lucky enough to receive a discount.
Despite this, the most tiring thing about moving to a new country is the anxiousness that comes along with it.
It is time to get some rest and refuel for your long and exciting journey ahead as an international student. Goodnight and sweet dreams!
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