India Global Leaders Scholarship for Indian Students Aspiring to Study in Australia

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India Global Leaders Scholarship for Indian Students Aspiring to Study in Australia

It’s a well-known fact that the University of Queensland is a crowd favourite among aspiring international students. From Science to Accounting, they have the best courses and professors to provide students with world-class learning, experience, and prospects. It offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, and higher Doctoral degrees. Being a member of the prestigious ‘Group of Eight’, a body of eight leading universities that are paving a future for advanced research and innovation, it is a global top rank university for its programs in Engineering, business, sports and many other categories. Being one of the best universities for higher education in the world, the University of Queensland offers scholarships in many formats for students with different needs and calibre. One such scholarship is exclusively for students from India who are looking for financial aid and have shown exemplary academic performance. Here is all you need to know about this scholarship:


A large chunk of the international student body in Australia comprises of Indian students. Therefore, the University of Queensland introduced the India Global Leaders Scholarship, considered one of the best Australian scholarships for international students in 2021, that caters to Indian students who are high performers and are aiming big in their educational and professional journeys. Designed specifically for Business, Economics and Law, this scholarship aids Indian students in pursuing their academic sojourns by granting them a 5,000-20,000 AUD scholarship based on academic performance and overall potential of the candidates. As it is available only to Indian students, it is a great opportunity for them in terms of financial as well as social needs. The community of members and alumni of the Scholarship is widespread and staying connected with them can be highly beneficial for newly enrolled Indian students.

Benefits for Students
Students who are granted this scholarship become members of an elite and exclusive ‘University of Queensland Global Leaders’ community that comprises of students par excellence who are on a mission to hone the right skills required to become industry leaders in their field of qualification. In this membership, the selected Indian students can access summits, programs, presentations, seminars and meets that are otherwise invite-only. Such events give these students an opportunity to build a network of like-minded individuals as well as opens up career opportunities for them right from their college years. The alumni group of this community is equally active ensuring graduating students continuous access to the same experiences and people to help them further their professional progress.


The Application Process
Students can apply for the scholarship only after choosing a certain degree program. The application window starts in November for the first semester and April for the second semester every year. Since it is a program exclusively for students from India, every applicant must be a residing citizen of India who has been successfully accepted to their desired undergraduate or postgraduate program at the University of Queensland. The amount of the scholarship granted will cover the tuition fee of the first semester. Apart from the fee which is for a single semester, the remaining benefits and exclusive access to various events related to the scholarship can be availed by students all through their course as well as after graduation.


Some of the documentation required for the application is the offer letter, a CV/Resume, a Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or relevant professional, a Personal Statement explaining reasons for wanting to study the chosen program at the University of Queensland, goals, career objectives and the action plan to achieve them. Here’s a link to more information on the scholarship:

Obtaining a degree from the University of Queensland is a dream for many international students. If you are interested in learning more about applying to this university and the scholarship, get in touch with us at the Education Post today!


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