How to Stay Self-Disciplined in College

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How to Stay Self-Disciplined in College

When the handholding stops, it can get difficult to get your habits in line. College is the first place that teaches you to be responsible for yourself. To look after yourself and establish the foundations you need to build for your future. It seems overwhelming but it is not. Disciplining yourself is an easy and systematic operation. The Education Post breaks down the process of self-discipline for you:

  1. Create goal planning – Having goals is one things, but planning how to achieve your goals is the real key. Whether it is your exam prep or listing down necessary pieces for an assignment, get your goal planning game on before all else!


  1. Know your up and down time – Understanding your own motivation and factors that let you be energetic are important to note. To ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to perform, identify the times when you are most productive and times when you need rest and rejuvenation.


  1. Remain positive – Positivity among students is vital. If you are not feeling up to your game every day of college, you will be much less productive than your true potential. Visit our blog on student positivity to know more!


  1. Resist counterproductive activities – When there is no one to really stop us, we tend to slip into things that waste our time. Procrastination, wiling time and other bad habits can get a hold of you in college. You must fight these to maintain a happy and successful student life.


  1. Company matters – You will find that those around you are the biggest factors that influence your life at college. Since you mainly have the company of other students at Uni, it is important to choose your friends wisely.


  1. Learn from your mistakes – Just like we are taught what is right, we must learn on our own about what is wrong. As students, you are given a chance to identify and analyse your mistakes when there is still room to learn. This prepares you for your life journey without the pitfalls you are familiar with.


  1. Reward Yourself – Treating yourself after every small feat is a good practice for self-motivation. This doesn’t mean you have to spend money on yourself, you can even give yourself time to do something you love or self-pampering on a sunny weekend can be another way of rewarding your achievements.
  2. Use technology – Old school is always good, but when you have a deadline, it might be a good idea to go digital. Find out how you can digitize certain processes like putting reminders, using apps for simpler functions so you don’t have to depend on your memory for smaller things.


  1. Make quick decisions – It is better to learn from experiences and keep moving forward than over analysing things and not getting anywhere. Make sure you don’t spend too much time in trying to make a decision. Rather, trust your instincts and learn fast.


  1. Try a routine – Even if you go off track, try to more or less stay in a routine. This keeps you regular in activities that are vital for your basic functioning. The more you stick to a routine, the more breaks you can take in between. Go easy on yourself and try to stay diligent.

Wasn’t that simple? Just follow these steps to a perfectly disciplined, healthy and enjoyable student life! Reach out to us for more information on college life.

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