How to Stay Motivated During The Semester

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How to Stay Motivated During The Semester

Staying motivated can be tough. We’d all much rather be home watching our favourite Netflix show or be taking a trip to the local shopping centre.
We’ve all been through it. It all starts to go downhill after the first couple of months, where you discover that you are losing interest and drive.
Do you find yourself staring at your laptop screen, not knowing where to start, or find yourself procrastinating when you have a final exam the next day? It is the worst feeling to lack motivation when all you want is to finish your assignment so you can relax without feeling guilty.
Want to get off struggle-street and get yourself back on track to success? We think these tips will help you create a positive and balanced university lifestyle.
Remember the reason
A great way to power through your university work is to remember why you decided to enrol in the first place.
Often reminding ourselves of why we are doing something can re-motivate us and emphasise the importance of it.
A balanced lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle
This applies for many things in life, but especially for university and studies. Throughout your semester you will be faced with a pile of assessments and exams. Trying to cram this together can be stressful and unhealthy.
Allowing yourself to take some time to breathe and relax is crucial. Social events can act as a great way of building your motivation and can help you stay organised. It can help you create your personal deadlines and organise yourself in order to attend the party you’ve been longing to attend!
Organisation is key
Staying organised and prioritising tasks is crucial in alleviating stress. Allocating time slots for assessments
and study, setting weekly goals, will help you feel a sense of achievement whilst simultaneously remaining on track.
Good vibes only
The people around you will have an impact on how you perform as well as your motivation levels. Make sure your friends and family are supportive of your studies and help you create a balanced lifestyle.
Surrounding yourself with people that are very laid back can make it easy to fall into the mindset that ‘it will be done one day’. On the contrary, being around people that are constantly all about studying can make you feel more overwhelmed and stressed.
Having friends and family that are going to be your support and motivation will help you power through the tough semesters ahead.
Need the inspiration to remain on track?
Look at the future: your university degree is the path to your future career. Remind yourself that
you are worthy of being here and the more you push yourself and stay motivated, you will achieve success.
Be proud: it is the most amazing feeling to finally finish that essay you’ve been working countless hours on. Take away the panic and stress and stay organised. Finish what you started so you can enjoy life apart from study
Motivational videos/quotes/books: these sources of inspirations and motivation can help with
the drive you’ve been looking for. Sometimes all you need is to hear or read a few words that can really resonate with you. If you’re feeling down, open up your laptop and search for some inspiration.
Check out these sources of inspiration that may help you get back on track!

In the end, you decided to take this path so it is up to you to make the most of it. We understand that university degrees can be long, tiring and sometimes boring, but push through it all and you can finally say YOU MADE IT!
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