How to Practice Positivity for a Better Student Life

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How to Practice Positivity for a Better Student Life

You begin college under pressure, you stay under pressure each semester and you graduate with a new pressure of launching your career. Really makes you wonder – does carrying this pressure allow you to remain in a happy, healthy state of mind? For college students, life at Uni presents numerous ups and downs. Therefore, they need to practice positivity on a continuous basis. Here’s how:
1. Make challenges your goals

Take up difficult tasks and skill gaps as your short term goals. This will motivate you to practice them and eventually succeed in mastering them. Work towards things that stress you out one step at a time to reduce the big load to a set of small, achievable goals.
2. Keep a gratitude journal

It may not be possible every single day, but as frequently as you can, write down things that you are grateful for. This becomes your real life positivity journal that you can peek into  whenever you are feeling low. It also puts you in the habit of looking at things positively.
3. Always take time out

We do not advice students to stay in the grind without breaks. This only results in a burn out at 18. Sure, you need to work hard but also play hard. To practice positivity in your hardwork, make sure you keep sufficient time for yourself to do something you love, relax, eat and hang out with friends.
4. Happiness is everywhere

Instead of waiting for something spectacular to happen in order to feel happy, find joy in every little thing you do. Student life is truly the most treasured part of people’s lives so live it fully. Even if there are lows, you will find there are more than enough highs (pun intended) to keep your spirits lifted.
5. Be Kind

The world around us is full of negative actions and words. Most of the unpleasant behaviour we exude is brought out by external factors. That is why you must try not to be influenced by the behaviour of other students and stay true to your real self. Practice kindness and stay away from angry or offensive attitude.
6. Choose your company wisely

Your positive outlook is enhanced when you are around students who are positive in their own demeanour. Such friends support you and help you grow. You only need a handful of such people. A few quality friends is always better than a fleet of party friends who aren’t actually with you for you. Good friends also help you prepare for exams and assignments away from distractions. They really are the best investment you will make in college.
7. Imagine your success

Always remember why you came to Uni and what you wish to get out of it. This is also called keeping your eye on the prize. That’s the only way letting the little things go and continue working towards the bigger picture. Focus on things that will help you achieve your ultimate objective. Everything else is just noise.
8. Continue Learning

View every experience as a learning. Whether positive or negative, things you go though in your student life teach you a lot. For example, getting a scholarship to study in Australia is a good experience but if a student doesn’t, it becomes a learning of how to support your tuition through other means.
9. Ask for help

At any step, do not hesitate to ask for support or guidance from the right people. Professors, seniors, friends and counsellors are all there for you when you need them. You are definitely capable of handling a lot, but there is no shame in asking for help when it will only aid your efforts and help you grow.
10. Stay physically and mentally fit

Focussing on your physical health is just as important as focusing on your mental health. Your mind and body should not be neglected at any cost, no matter what the task in front of you. Your health should always come first in college and in life. Ensure you never let this priority change and you will see how big a difference it makes.
There you have it. Positivity is also a survival skill. The sooner you learn it the better. Reach out to us at The Education Post to know more about working your way through college life!


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