How to Pick The Right Internships for Your Career

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How to Pick The Right Internships for Your Career

Internships are not just items to add on your resume. They can shape your future, provide you with real opportunities, help your learn a new skill and much more. Therefore, before choosing your internship, don’t just look at getting the biggest brand or highest payment but at these key factors:

  1. What you wish to learn – The key is to be certain that the place you wish to intern with gives you the learning you desire. When your vision meets that of the organization, your internship will be much more fruitful.


  1. Future prospects – Can the organization fit in your career path? If the organization is a place you see yourself working at, it is a good sign. Provided that the company also has enough prospects to offer you, if you can see yourself in a place like that, you have found the right internship.


  1. Skill building – A lot of companies utilize interns for running jobs and if you become one of those interns, you might realize at the end of your stint that you didn’t actually build any skills. Make sure you understand the quality of internship provided by different firms.


  1. Human values – How does the organization treat its employees. What are the values of the company with respect to those who work for it. Pay attention to what employees have to say and what the company’s own perspective towards them seems to be.


  1. Background check – Do you know seniors who perhaps interned with the same firm? Its always good to get real stories from those who have known the organization from the inside. This helps you see the real picture and make a better decision.


  1. Uniqueness – Look for the quotient which makes the company stand out (in a good way of course!). That factor will also help you shine among others. This in itself is a big motivator. When you are proud of your place of work, you feel like putting in more.


  1. How you can contribute – An internship is a two way street. While you expect certain positives from the company, there will also be expectation attached with your stint. Make sure the organization is the best place for you to showcase your talent among all others. If your performance is aligned with the company’s goals, you will be meant for each other!


  1. Your supervisor – This is a tricky one. Truly knowing the kind of mentorship you will get as an intern is near impossible. But try your best to find out. Since your supervisor will be your first point of contact and also the person to write your review, make sure, if you can, that this person is a good mentor.


  1. Money comes second – Don’t sort the internships by payment and select the top five. Sometimes, internships that pay nothing can be the best ones for your ambitions. Go by other factors first. A paid internship is only a bonus.


  1. Start networking – Finding a good internship is ultimately your own responsibility. The more you talk to people and find out about available openings, the more choices you will have. Be smart towards finding what is best for you because no one can do that better than you!


We hope that this will help you make the right decision and find the best organization for your internship! If you have more questions about internships or future prospects as a college student, get in touch with us at The Education Post and we will be happy to help!


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