Five Steps to a Perfect Night Out From Campus

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Five Steps to a Perfect Night Out From Campus

Students of Macquarie University get a package deal consisting of a prestigious institution, a great campus and a desirable night life in the city! With pubs that offer student concessions and events that make for an unforgettable night with friends, there’s a lot you can do during your days here and even more during your nights. So, here are the top 5 things you can do to have the best night out in Sydney with friends:

  1. Pub Crawl
    If you’re pursuing a master’s degree in Australia, you know the grill that comes with these programs. Lucky for you, you can work hard and party harder in the heart of Sydney without spending a fortune! Head out to experience the famous Sydney pub culture. Look out for student happy hours and discounts as a lot of these pubs attract college crowds like The Tudor, The Standard Bowl, Ching-a-ling’s, The Royal and more.

  3. Enjoy Live Music
    Sydney is also a music hub. If you’re a music enthusiast, there is no better way to spend the night than enjoying some excellent performances around town. Not far from the Macquarie University, are venues that host some amazing local and international artists. The ambience will lighten you up instantly, there will be food and drinks to enjoy and as you make your way to find a seat you’ll realize you don’t even want one. All you want to do is dance!

  5. Catch an Aussie Comedy Show
    Fancy a good, hearty laugh? Catch a night of comedy at any one of Sydney’s best comedy clubs. Choose from stand-up, improv, a humorous performance and much more while bingeing on delectable dishes and a glass of your favourite drink.  Places like Giant Dwarf, The Comedy Store, The Enmore Theatre, etc present to you a stream of veteran and upcoming artists who will thrill and entertain you. Invite your friends and share a good laugh. Isn’t it the perfect night to have with the people you love?

  7. Watch Outdoor Cinema
    There are an increasing number of outdoor cinemas in Sydney and this is an experience you must not miss. Choose from locations like parks, riverside, boats and many more for an entertaining movie night out under the open sky. Bring a blanket and maybe some snacks if you like, although there are plenty of carts to buy from at the cinemas. Get cosy and catch some wonderful films from different genres. Be sure to book the tickets in advance to avoid last-minute hustle. Some of the most popular ones in the city are Moonlight Cinema, Sunset cinema, Cinema in Bondi and Open Air Cinema.

  9. Stroll the China Town Night Markets
    This night market is another must -visit if you are in the city. You will find it filled with international students from Macquarie University and the University of Sydney. Every Friday Chinatown hosts this magnificent market full of Asian food stalls, souvenirs, gifts, desserts and more! Try the cuisine of different areas in the South East of Asia or buy some uniquely crafted jewellery. Walk the market lanes and savour the vibes or indulge is some sugary delights. Cure some of that homesickness with familiar aromas, arts and crafts. There are so many choices that await!

After all this, whether you return to your dorms before or after dawn is nobody’s guess but one thing is guaranteed that if this has been your night, it will be quite a story to share and post! Find out more about fun day and night activities in Australia by getting in touch with The Education Post. We hope to make your student life in Australia unforgettable!

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