Five best UG courses in Australia

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Five best UG courses in Australia

It is a well-known fact that Australia is a top choice amongst Indian students aspiring to study abroad. The universities and education system of Australia allow students to broaden their learning environment and build a robust network of global industry players in the making. So, when it comes to choosing the right course to pursue in Australia, one can get thoroughly confused because of the overwhelming number of options. Well, there is no need to fret! Here are the top 5 UG courses you can pursue in Australia which are the most popular choices among Indian students due to their quality of specialization and future prospects:


    1. Accounting/Finance

A branch that will probably never go out of demand is Finance. Which is why Australia offers the best bachelor degrees in the field. You can choose from Accounting, Finance, Actuarial science and many other specializations. These courses will equip you for a career in professional accounting, financial services, investment banking or if you wish to pursue and MBA in finance, this would give you the right jumpstart. The studies include mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, risk evaluation & mitigation, etc., all of which are essential for a career in this highly lucrative field.


    1. Business Admin

Colleges offer bachelor degrees and graduate certificates in Business Administration which become a stepping stone for international students towards a full-fledged MBA from top tier universities. Not only are these the most valued degree holders, they are also most in demand upon completion of their MBA. With ample industry exposure and the best career opportunities, this is obviously a top choice for students. If you see yourself as a future business leader, this is the field for you. Australian business schools offer bachelor of business degrees to enable students especially from the Asia Pacific region to grow their global network and international business acumen.


    1. Engineering

Another favourite among Indian students is the field of Engineering and Australia is a preferred region because other than state of the art infrastructure, it also offers the best job opportunities as engineers from various specialization are highly in demand in the country. The best specializations to pick are IT, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Electronics Engineering. These also generate the most jobs not only in Australia but around the world making anyone with these degrees a highly sought after professional.


    1. Law

An interesting choice of specialization which is growing in demand in Australia is Law. Now law might make you immediately think of a courtroom drama built around a criminal case, but in reality, the field of law is much wider than just criminal justice. Think about it, every industry functions on a set of laws so there must be more specializations in Law that cater to different functions. And there are! Some of the most popular degrees are Bachelor of Business Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law). Individuals with these degrees are again high in demand as every industry needs an expert in these areas to keep their systems running smoothly.


    1. Medicine:

Easily one of the most respected and highly paying fields in the world is medicine. Whether you go on to open your own practice, or work with a hospital or pursue medical research, a bachelor degree in medicine is definitely a great choice. Australian medical studies are at par with top universities in the world as they provide timely industry exposure as a part of the course which gives students a fundamental working experience to prepare them for a future in the medical sciences. Medical degree courses in Australia like everywhere else require 5-6 years to complete. However, once obtained, the opportunities for a medical degree holder from Australia are many, not only in the country but worldwide.


While these are not the only courses you can pursue in Australia, they are definitely some of the most popular. There are many other specializations you can pursue like Bachelor of Arts in a stream you have a natural inclination for. But this should considerably limit your research and enquiries about undergraduate degrees to pursue in Australia. To explore universities offering the best of these courses, get in touch with us at The Education Post and we will be there to help!


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