Eva Sweekhorst – Australian National University

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Eva Sweekhorst – Australian National University

Attending ANU and living at college is the perfect mixture between a hostel and a hotel.


The degree I am studying is a bachelor of music majoring in composition and contemporary/jazz performance. As I live on campus in a room by myself, it gives me the ability to create compositions and record music in the privacy of my own room. Attending university in Canberra also provides me with inspiration for my music, as I am immersed in a new environment that I have not grown up in.


Everyone is very friendly as we are all going through the same experience of making new friends and leaving our old friends back at home. Although there are many clubs you can join to make friends, it is very easy to meet new people, especially when most people live on campus.



As it is a national university a lot of people living on campus come from all over Australia and abroad. Many of the people I have met so far who attend and live on campus are bilingual or international. As I grew up in Holland before coming to Australia I too am bilingual so already I have made connections with people who are similar to me on another level.


Attending ANU has been the best decision I have made as I get to live out the full university experience and make the most out of my studies. Whilst being surrounded by kind people who are always up for a chat along with following my passion and love for music I still get to live out the full university experience and undergo every aspect of university life in Australia.

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