Clubs in Edith Cowan University

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Clubs in Edith Cowan University

The Edith Cowan University, being one of the top ranked universities in Australia takes pride in its robust student guild comprising of numerous clubs celebrating different fields, interests and hobbies. No more fretting over finding your crowd because whatever attracts you, you will surely find like-minded people in the clubs at ECU and The Education Post’s got you covered! Here’s an insight into the dynamic ECU clubs.
Academic Clubs:
ECU has a way to give its students an edge when it comes to learning and mastery over specific subjects. Covering a large spectrum of fields including Computer & Security, Finance and Accounting, HR, Engineering, Law, Aviation, Medicine and Entrepreneurship, etc., there really is something for everybody. There are also women-only groups for Business and Engineering. These industry focussed groups are meant to enhance individual subject knowledge and skill to give you a head-start to your future!
Equity Clubs:
What makes a university top ranked is how much its student engagement is. Apart from the curriculum and subject focused clubs, ECU also has clubs that celebrate diversity. From ethnocultural, gender, disability to LGBTQ and mental health, there are clubs that welcome members with a warm embrace. Like the Mature Age Club meant for students older than 21 years of age enrolled at ECU! What diversifies students, unites them under these clubs.
Social Clubs:
You have enrolled in a top rated university and are pursuing some of the best courses to study in Australia. What do you like to do to unwind? Do you enjoy movie nights, parties, cricket, cars or table tennis? Then these are the clubs you want to browse through! Nothing makes faster friendships than a shared interest. So make new friends by signing up for the social clubs at ECU. From general Parties & Events club to highly focussed clubs like the Mallu club (club for students hailing from Kerala!), there are over 20 clubs under this category for you to join!
Sports Club:
The ECU sports club called the ECU Jets is a full-fledged sports organization with leagues for various sports, sponsorships, merchandise and everything else that a legitimate sports organization entails. Boys and girls can take their pick and enjoy playing their favourite sports. Teams make the strongest bonds, so make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to build comradery that will last a lifetime! 
Dircksey Magazine:
For those of you with a journalistic knack, become a part of the ECU student magazine that functions as a proper publication bringing the University multiple editions each year. They publish essays, articles, prose, reviews and more so bring out the writer in you and connect with Dircksey to start your editorial journey while you’re at ECU.
Being a part of a community that loves to do what you do is an essential part of university education as it teaches collaboration, teamwork, builds trust and inculcates responsibility. It is a stepping stone towards building a successful network and growing as an individual. What clubs are you a part of? Get in touch with us to share experiences and to know more!

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