Choosing A Location to Study? Choose Sydney.

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Choosing A Location to Study? Choose Sydney.

When choosing a location to study, Sydney is constantly sought after. The lively atmosphere, wide variety of universities, courses and endless opportunities all combine to create the perfect city for overseas study. But one of the top aspects of Sydney uni life is the unquestionably awesome food. I have had some great experiences throughout uni so far but a whole lot of them involve the free or incredibly cheap, mouth-watering food. Just last week for a gold coin donation I was gifted with fairy floss, a sausage sizzle, a can of coke and 2-minute noodles. But it doesn’t stop there.


At uni the other day, I discovered a funky little food court named ‘The Underground’ where I had one of the best Mexican meals I have had in my life, which consisted of $7 loaded fries. The perfectly grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes, beans, sharp sour cream and the most generous load of guacamole I have the pleasure to say I’ve ever received lay upon some hearty fries. It left me smiling with satisfaction; even thinking about it now makes my mouth water.


You will always find places that do student discounts so look out for the 10% off coffee signs, 2 for 1 deals and half price options that make any uni student feel like royalty. The free noodle nights at my uni are most definitely a notable mention. Every Tuesday and Thursday night treat yourself to some soft noodles accompanied with toppings of every texture; Crunchy cucumber, zesty fruits and smooth sauces. It even has a quirky name! ‘The Night Owl Noodle Bar.’ So yes, Sydney has a vibrant night life, with wonderful and welcoming students, but the food, well, let’s just say… everything tastes better when it’s free!
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