Career Options After School

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Career Options After School

We no longer live in times when the path is laid down for young ones the moment they are born! Today, there are many options available to students when it comes to choosing a career and planning what kind of education they should pursue. The reason a vast majority of international students choose Australia for courses after 12th is because of the diverse learning experiences and qualifications it provides that are accepted and appreciated worldwide. Here’s a look at the best options for students to take up in Australia right after finishing school:


  • UG Courses – A well-known fact is that most students choose to pursue an undergraduate course while studying in Australian universities. This is also the most traditional and well-established paths to take for a promising career in any field of choice. Australia has some of the world’s top ranked universities and the best UG courses for international students to choose from. Different disciplines, majors and degrees are available to fit almost any desired career path. So, go ahead and apply for a UG course if this best suits your aspirations.


  • Vocational Training – A great way to kickstart a career in a specific field is to go for trade studies or vocational training. This type of learning is more hands-on and is based on practical knowledge and application of skills. From a wide range of careers like IT services, design and arts, hotel management, culinary art, tourism and many more, you can choose the one you have a natural inclination towards or the one that seems like a lucrative career for working with big enterprises or starting your own practice.


  • Certificate and Diploma – These are granted for various specializations that may or may not be as broad as the disciplines that offer UG degrees. The advantage of having such a specialized qualification is that you can quickly build your niche and your demand as a specialized individual making your compensation quite generous when you take up projects in your area of expertise. Certificates and diplomas from Australia are recognized worldwide so feel free to branch out your practice across different parts of the world after completing the course.


  • Doctorate/ PHD – Australia has world class research facilities and infrastructure with top ranked universities making it an ideal destination to get your PHD. As a country, there is keen interest in new fields of research every day in Australia and an active effort towards providing enablers to research. The course structure is at par with the best research facilities around the world with training units, equipment, independent thesis and valid contributions as part of your education. Ready to make a significant contribution to the world? Then this is the path for you!


  • Language Studies – It is true that the key to unstoppable success is effective communication. As you enter the global work environment, proficiency of language, primarily the English language, is the most important skill to learn. Taking up a language course in Australia will allow you to develop your communication skills to be able to engage and collaborate with global players in any desired field.It also helps in building confidence when working or even pursuing further education anywhere in the world. Remember, the best negotiations and deals are formed with words so join a language course and make your communication your biggest strength!



At The Education Post, we encourage you to take up learning based on the field or skill most desirable to you. Going through these options, you can start planning your future today! Explore our website some more to find out the best UG courses and Vocational training in Australia.


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