Caitlin Hardy – University of Technology

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Caitlin Hardy – University of Technology

UTS is one of the youngest universities in Sydney with modern and innovative learning that allows me to reach my true potential. I chose to study a Bachelor of communications (public communications) majoring in Journalism because UTS focuses on giving students real world experiences, placing more focus on assignments that mirror what journalism really consists of, rather than focusing too heavily on exams. My assignments are based around writing articles, making videos and designing web pages similarly to what we would do in the real world. This really allows me to express myself and learn my style of writing along with developing lifelong skills that enhance my true potential and allow me to excel in my studies.



The degrees at UTS are always changing to stay relevant and practical. For example the build program is a free course that’s a part of your degree where you can learn leadership skills and volunteer locally with many other students to enhance your learning.


There are plenty of clubs and programs you can join to meet likeminded people. Studying at any university allows individuals to connect with people from different nationalities with many international students living on campus. Whether you study the same course or are members of the same club, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with students which adds another fun element and overall making UTS a true university experience.

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