Best Work-Study Jobs to Take up in College

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Best Work-Study Jobs to Take up in College

One of the biggest perks of studying abroad in Australia, believe it or not, is easy pocket money. Not just that, some students even use this money to pay for their college tuition! How do you earn it? By getting easy part time jobs while you pursue your course. The Education Post brings you a list of the best student jobs you can get across universities in Australia:


  1. Nanny

One of the most popular and easy part time jobs is being a nanny. It gives students flexibility and they get paid on an hourly basis. You can easily approach parents looking for a nanny and start working. Depending on your availability, you can really make a handsome amount of money doing this.


  1. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Love pets? Here’s your chance to have fun and make some money! Dog walking and pet sitting is the best way to earn a good sum of money for those of you who love animals. There are many residential suburbs around universities in Australia where you can find these jobs. Pet services also allow a lot of flexibility and depending on the hours of pet sitting, the pay can be doubled and tripled!


  1. Food Service Worker

When you go to eat out in restaurants around Australian universities, you will find many college students waiting tables, serving as baristas or bus boys. That’s because this kind of income is the fastest to earn and does not require you to travel too far from your campus. If you’re lucky, you might even find jobs during holiday seasons when the rush is much more and people are handing out generous tips!


  1. Home Health Aide

While being a nurse would probably require you to have some kind of medical background, being a home aide would be just like babysitting but with a few additional responsibilities in terms of medical needs of the patient. Some hiring companies even provide basic first aid training to prepare you for the job. You can sign up according to your class schedules and make some easy money.


  1. Sales Associate

Retail has a lot of job opportunities as stores are always in need of sales staff. You can work at convenience stores, fashion retailers, furniture stores and many more. The list is endless. These do fairly well in shopping hours and holidays which match perfectly with college time tables.


  1. Tutor

Asian students are famous for academic excellence. If you are a class topper or even manage a good GPA, you can become a tutor which is truly a very satisfying part time activity. Other than the pay, the satisfaction of helping someone do better academically is like no other.


  1. Social Media Assistant

Since you’re going to spend hours scrolling through social media daily anyway, might as well make some money out of it. Companies are always looking for social media assistance especially from college students as they are the most active user groups on these platforms. The income is good and the best part is that you can work remotely.


  1. Photographer

If you have a hobby like photography and own a decent quality DSLR, sling it on and start working as a freelance photographer. Events around the city are usually in search of a mid-range photographer who can deliver clear and well-framed photos. Same goes for small shops or cafes that are looking to post pictures on their social media.


  1. Cleaner

Cleaning jobs in countries like Australia are a lot more dignified than what you might imagine. Whether its restaurant kitchens, cars, offices or shops, cleaning schedules are strictly adhered to and sanitization is maintained throughout. In case you are worried that this would be something unhygienic, worry not. The standards maintained in cities here are much higher than the rest of the world.


  1. Front desk/receptionist at gym/studios

Since your timing would be more or less fixed, figure out your free hours and get a receptionist/front desk job at fitness centers, creative studios or even start up offices. Work for your fixed hours and get paid accordingly. It doesn’t get easier than this!


Wouldn’t you want to cash in on your quality education and make the most of the years you study abroad in Australia? Get in touch with us and we will guide you further. Happy learning!


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