Best Winter Activities for Students Around Melbourne

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Best Winter Activities for Students Around Melbourne

Students of Victoria University do winters in Melbourne really well. This is why the city is a mecca for international students. Melbourne universities aren’t just known for scholarships in Australia but also the amazing student experiences that come with various seasonal thrills. Winter is an amazing time to be in the city and here are some of the most fun things you can do to fall in love with Melbourne winters:


  1. Stew in a Hot Springs Spa

When the cold gets to you the best thing to do is to counter it with some warmth and the best way to do that is at the Hot Springs in Fingal not far from Victoria University. Soak in a thermal bath and forget the cold, icy outside for as long as you like. It is simply a must-do in winters.


  1. Stroll through the night markets

The best part of winters in Australia are the night markets. Walk around the stalls, keep yourself warm with a hot beverage, purchase local products, eat delicious food and enjoy the performances. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? The Queen Victoria market is the biggest one in the city and you must check it out.


  1. Cosy up in pubs with fireplaces

Melbourne is home to world class pubs and most of them create a cosy, warm ambience during winters with a fireplace heating up the interiors to give you a calm, relaxing time with friends or family. Many of them are situated very close to Victoria University. Play some board games, have a cuppa or just sit back and read your book. It doesn’t get more therapeutic than this!


  1. Binge drink that hot chocolate

Your best excuse to load up on chocolaty goodness is in winters! Infact, Melbourne has an entire festival to celebrate hot chocolate! All along the Yarra river, you will find chocolateries serving their version of this soul-touching drink. Go around trying different concoctions as they keep you warm.


  1. Indulge in mulled wine and cheese

Mulled wine is usually a Christmas specialty but it is served with a lot of love throughout Australian winters. It is a delicacy that is really good to beat the chills and you can indulge in some cheese along with that wine for a refined experience. Try from smoked, spiced to gouda and feta with your glass of mulled wine for an ultimate winter experience.


  1. Go ice skating

Ever been ice skating on an island? Yes in Australia, you can ice skate on a magnificent rink in Melbourne during winters. If you don’t skate, worry not. You will find plenty of friends or guides ready to help and once you get the basics, you will find it to be great fun!

  1. Catch the Jazz Festival

The Melbourne International Jazz festival is a tribute to the wonderful genre and brings to the city world renowned jazz musicians. The festival is a celebration of music like no other and you will find it spread across arenas, street jazz clubs, cafes and pretty much anywhere they play music.


  1. Watch the Docklands Fireworks

On winter nights, a display of fireworks is exhibited in Melbourne for city dwellers to enjoy. Now who says you need to spend money for good experiences! Just show up and wait for those brilliant lights to shine in the night sky while enjoying some crispy treats and a hot coffee in hand. Walk back to the Victoria University campus with stars in your eyes, literally!


  1. Go for a movie at the International Film Festival

This film festival in Melbourne welcomes some of the world’s finest cinematic creations and is a real treat for international crowds. Grab a copy of the scheduled films and pick the ones you like or maybe experiment with a few. The choice is yours!


  1. Try winter sports

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t ski or snowboard. What are you to do in the snow? Well, if you haven’t tried it even once, we recommend that you definitely learn a little elementary skiing. Not only will you love the feeling, but it is also a lot easier than you think. If snowboarding even remotely excites you, take a basic guided class where they will teach you some beginner skills. Nonetheless, you will love being out in the snow!


That’s it. Your list of winter break must-do’s is brought to you by The Education Post. If you want to know more about activities around your university, get in touch with us and we will love to guide you!


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