Best Ways to Enjoy a Summer Break in Australia

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Best Ways to Enjoy a Summer Break in Australia

What better way to enjoy a summer than on an island! Australia is a summer paradise and if you are an international student studying abroad in Australia, you would know how great a vacation here can be! But how to narrow down on the places to visit? The Education Post shortlists the best ones for you:

  1. Wye River, VIC
    Think rainforests, wildlife and spectacular ocean roads. That’s an Australian summer holiday in Victoria. Bask under the sun along the Great Ocean Road or drive down it right around sunset. The beautiful town that overlooks the river of Wye will take your breath away. The perfect beach walk and town-scapes make for a magical getaway in the summer.

  3. Noosa, Queensland
    Aah the Sunshine Coast! It is named so for a reason. Queensland is a paradise in Australian summers especially in Noosa where the coast welcomes you with beautiful cliffs and a national park! Visit with friends or family and choose from an array of picturesque holiday homes and resorts carrying a wide variety of gourmet options on the menu.

  5. Hike the best trails in Tasmania
    When in Australia, a hiking trip to Tasmania is like every student’s rite of passage. Here you will find excellent trails with breath-taking views, beaches, fields and a world of Tasmanian treats! An adventure trip that is meant for the young and vibrant university populace so make sure you check it out.

  7. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
    No, this isn’t a cliché. The greatest marine life in the world beckons you at the Great Barrier Reef. If you haven’t seen it yet, plan your next big Australian summer break and head down here. Take a swim, go snorkelling or dive down to experience one of the world’s most spectacular marine ecosystems. This one is a can’t miss!

  9. Gold Coast
    The high life doesn’t get higher than this. A glamorous, urban chic coastline with the cheapest to the finest experiences at your disposal are right here. Hop from club to club, beach to beach and party till you literally drop. Heaven for collegiate crowds and a toast to the finer things in life. That is the Gold Coast for you.

  11. Sydney beaches
    Cities in the Australian summer have a distinct vibe. With beach life comparable to Miami, Ibiza and Bali, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. From family beaches to party shores, Sydney has all your ‘vacay’ needs covered. If you are studying in Australia and are in or near Sydney, this should be one of your first holidays.

  13. Byron Bay
    The beauty of Byron Bay is best experienced through one’s own eyes. With great weather, atop a cape, this place is a best bet for a summer weekend in Australia. With pristine white sand, crystal blue waters and a shoreline that offers all that you could ask for on a holiday, this is one of the best holiday destinations in Australia.

  15.  Margaret River
    Some trips are meant for adventure and some for rejuvenation. Margaret River is the second. Get away from the hectic student life just for a couple of days and pamper yourself with world class wine, gourmet food and amazing scenery. Catch a beautiful sunset over the merging waters of the Indian and Arctic oceans.

  17. The Kimberley
    One of the best cruises Australia has to offer, The Kimberley region is quite a sight! Get onboard and discover the magnificent cliffs, beaches and panoramas. You can also plan day trips to nearby islands and beaches while you’re there. However you decide to explore, make sure you strike this off your list of Australian summer holiday destinations.

  19. Daintree National Park
    Something out of a fairy tale, The Daintree National Park offers views that are not just Instagram-worthy but also feel like a set from the Avatar movie. Jungle feels are at an all-time high and as you wander through the thick, dense forest, you may realize you don’t ever want to go back!

For more amazing holiday destinations, check out The Education Post website. Have any questions about particular destinations? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!


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