Best Vocational Courses Available in Australia

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Best Vocational Courses Available in Australia

VET or Vocational Education & Training courses are one of the main reasons why students from India prefer Australia. These are some of the best courses to study in Australia and are specialized to provide industry focused hands-on learning to prepare students for a specific vocation. The Education Post has handpicked the best vocational courses for you to pursue in Australia:


  1. Construction & Building – Construction is a very large employing industry in Australia and is booming for the last couple of years. By pursuing a course in this field, you will learn building and construction techniques, skills, safety aspects, site plans so you can carry out a complete construction project or build a business around it.

  3. IT Services – Said to be the world’s most in-demand professionals, web & app developers and UI/UX experts are choosing to get their vocational degrees from Australia. Whether you choose to freelance or work for a multi-national corporation, you will always have a job offer as these services are a favourite among millennials to hire from and pursue!

  5. Visual & Digital Arts – For artistic and creative minds, this is the field to enter. From Film, Photography & Video to illustration, graphic design, interior design, 3D and animation, these are some of the best courses to study in Australia.

  7. Food & Culinary Art – Fancy a few Michelin stars? Then this is the field for you! Aspiring chefs always find the best courses to study in Australia. The demand for culinary experts is immense and career opportunities as chefs, experts, authors, teachers and critics in the field are highly rewarding.

  9. Hospitality/Hotel Management – A lucrative industry full of opportunities in mid-range to luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and hospitality chains. Courses for this industry will allow you to travel and work in different cultures with people from varied demographics at the world’s most beautiful destinations!

  11. Marketing & Communication – Working in event management, media, PR or marketing is some people’s natural calling. If you are one of them, Australia has one of the best UG and PG courses in this field. Learn the creative skills, innovation as well as the business side of things like sales, advertising, social media, etc.

  13. Travel & Tourism – Tourism is one of the biggest sectors in Australia in terms of revenue generation. Therefore, a lot of students choose a Tourism course as it teaches you the necessary functions of the industry like accommodation, transport, food, destinations, activities, entertainment and more!

  15. Beauty & Natural Therapy – A popular profession all around the world is beauty & wellness practitioner. Courses in these streams will enable you to practice natural therapy, salon services for skin & hair, make-up and even facial and body aesthetics. Australia offers some of the best UG courses in the field so go ahead and apply!

  17. Sports & Fitness – Nothing better than a fitness course or certification for a natural fitness enthusiast. Obtaining a qualification in this field from Australia will be highly valued anywhere in the world if you wish to become a trainer, teacher or open your own health/fitness business. Everything from the business to technical aspects like anatomy, injuries, physiology, etc. are covered in these courses.

  19. Social Services – Again if you wish to have your own practice in therapy, life coaching, consultancy, security services, etc. then an Australian degree or certificate will work wonders for you regardless of where you work or set up your business and will bring home a pleasing pay check every month!


So, go ahead and pick the vocation that seems most attractive to you from our list. If you have further queries, get in touch with us at The Education Post. We are here to help kickstart your career!


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