Best MBA colleges in Australia

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Best MBA colleges in Australia

Career opportunities for international students with degrees from Australia have been on a rise steadily since the last decade and the reason for that is the quality of higher education and the recognition of Australian universities in the world. This makes getting an MBA from a top Australian college the best feather in your cap. The Education Post brings you the best 5 MBA colleges in Australia:


  • University of Melbourne: Melbourne Business School
    Featured in the world’s biggest magazines like the Economist, Businessweek and the Financial Times, this is number one on our list. Situated in the vibrant city of Melbourne, it is a cultural paradise for international students pursuing an MBA in Australia. With options of a full time, part time and executive MBA, the college is flocked every year with students especially form India and other parts of the Asia Pacific region. The placements of students at the end of the courses are with some of the biggest companies in the world like PWC, Accenture, Pepsi, Coca Cola and many more.



  • University of New South Wales: Australian Graduate School of Management
    New South Wales, apart from being a tourist hub for its scenic coastline and cityscapes, is also famous globally for the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) within the University of New South Wales. Ranking in the top 50 B-Schools in the world, an MBA from this school is highly values wherever you choose to work. Located in the ever-popular Sydney, it not only has quality education to offer but the best college life that an international student hopes for in Australia.



  • Monash Business School
    Quite close to Melbourne, is one of the world’s top 100 B Schools, viz., Monash Business School. The school is known for its campus, state-of-the-art student facilities and one of the most recognized MBA programs in the world. With an above average post-graduation salary, the students enjoy a high status and value when they enter the corporate world after obtaining their degree from this school.




  • The University of Queensland
    Better known as the UQ Business School, this ranks fourth on the list of best MBA Colleges   in Australia and between 100-120 best B Schools in the world. This really tells us why Australia continues to be the top choice for Master of Business and PG courses among international students. Another attractive aspect of this B School is that it provides international exposure to its students in the form of short term learning opportunities elsewhere in the world with partner institutions like Harvard Summer School, University of Glasgow, and many more.


  • Macquarie Business School
    Ranking fifth best MBA school in Australia is the Macquarie Business School. Ranked under 200 best B Schools in the world, this school positions real time exposure on a global scale high on their teaching priorities. Therefore, students get to be a part of global exchange programs and internships to gain industry knowledge and experience while still pursuing their MBA. Complete with flexibility to choose the period for completion of the degree program from 2 to 4 years, this school focuses on building capability keeping in mind student circumstances and welfare.


It is our great pleasure to present these options to you as the right college can make or break a future and these have been handpicked by us to give you a bright and prosperous career. Have any more queries about these colleges or want to explore more places to study in Australia? Get in touch with us at The Education Post and we will be happy to help!


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